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Tickets going up


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What a load of malarkey. Granted, I don't go to games any more, the price is just too much all things considered. But they are forcing the stadium authority to sownd over $1 Billion to revamp the stadiums, see that as our tax dollars. Now they are raising prices to add to the "fan experince", player contracta included.

That is a double dip for sure, and for shame..


NBC Sports: Ravens raising ticket prices for 2022.

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On 2/12/2022 at 1:58 PM, tsylvester said:

Im sure it was, they probably have a graff outlining the increases every few years, accelerated by the pandemic and loss of revenue...

yup.  Its been a while since I went to a game, so I don't care.  I can't believe the prices though.  its crazy.

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The prices are crazy. No way I could afford to take my whole family to one game, park, concessions....and then if the game is a clunker like the Bengal game......

Yea. I'm leaving the stadium not feeling good. 

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