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Super Bowl

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It doesn't matter to me who wins. If I have to pick then I'd like to see Darnold and the Rams get it. There's some kind of arrogance/disrespect thing coming out of Cincy that turns me off. 

So we have the Rams D line and Ramsey trying to silence Burrows and Co. And we have a Bengals O and D that seems to just get just enough done to hang in and win.

It should be a very good game.

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The game for me, was almost ruined on that non call facemask on Ramsey. That was so blatant, I don't know how they missed it.  Ramsey's ego pisses me off, but still.  As the game kept winding down, I was pissed that the Bengals would win on this play.  Then the ghost PI call balanced everything again and I felt all was right in the world.  Refs did get flag happy though, but...Eli Apple...

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Apple is the most over rated db in the game. The refs clearly were told to just let them play. Shoot, all of the head slaps on the sideline, even the ref getting hit, when Darnold nailed Burrow out of bouds, should have warranted a penalty, even if they were off setting.. Just more proof the refs were told to keep their flags locked down.


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