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So, how comfortable are you

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feeling knowing that our "starting" o-line hasn't played one snap together?


Me, remember your first day of high school as a freshman, you know you're going to get tormented by the Sophmores....Sorta like that.


A little nervous,but they'll get plenty of practice against our Defense and that's probably the best prep they can get for the Steelers.

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Right now they look like it's week 14...not week 1....


...Center Matt Birk and left tackle Bryant McKinnie have not taken a snap in the preseason, and right guard Marshal Yanda played only in the preseason opener. With the addition of McKinnie, Michael Oher has shifted from the left to the right. It appears to be no big deal, but it's a tougher transition than most people think.



We might have to find something else to watch.


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This should still be a good game. These two teams know each well. Even when not firing on all cylinders these two teams still give each other fits. I expect a good game, and I see no reason why we couldn't squeak out a win. We've got some new toys people.


Vonta Leach, tell me he won't make a difference popping guys like Harrison, Woodly etc.


Dickson can make some plays if their LBs don't respect him.


Suggs has some rushing partners this year.


Lastly, we do have some rookie WRs willing to give it their all.

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