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Is oggie one mans garbage or one mans treasure, anyones guess? I enjoyed the game extra well thanks to the oggster. The Ravens defense enjoyed Pennington(one mans garbage) (ravens food) as I pointed out to the oggiemeister yesterday. He may turn up after he stops crying in his beer I guess. Come back next year Oggie. Lets do this again. HA HA HA

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Aren't you guys being a little harsh on him? I believe he came with good intentions before you guys corrupted him. :D


Eating crow is a harsh and nasty business cleetz. It takes carefull work and preperation serving it.




"When's the last time we corrupted anybody?"



There's OTR... but he finished college.

dc...he hasn't flunked out of college yet.:)


Now this guy asked for it...perhaps you could say his ego begged for it. He spoke with authority...certainty...went on at great length to educate us poor and unfortunate clods as to why the Ravens would lose.

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Congratulations Ravens Fans. I have read all in this thread and I deserve it all. Obviously, not what I expected out of Pennington--and the Ravens D played its game. Hats off to Flacco--he scared me going into this game and my only hope was if this rookie losing stat would work in Miami's favor. But I was wrong on that and a lot more.


Miami has more rebuilding before it can play with the Ravens. Miami will be back. Good luck with the Titans and hopefully you can get the Steelers. Good luck.

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