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fuck these refs


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See the official on the right? his resume reads 15 year High School official, 5 years JUNIOR COLLEGE OFFICIAL, areyafugginshiddingme..Do you what the speed of the game is from JuCo to Division II Football, I bet its 2x faster, yet this douchebag is calling a Pro Game...His resume qualifys him for ball boy, nothing more.

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i think he simply forgot who was offense and defense in the end

split second it was greenbay trying to score


i've seen them face the wrong direction

point the wrong direction

place the ball at the wrong los

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Like i said they are killing the game i think we should boycott this weeks games

i read a scroll that the greenbay players were wanting to strike this weeks game, another scroll right after that,someone said the players can't do shit


what i say is

all teams go out there in agreement and allow the ball to get returned to the 50 and start taking a knee on every offensive play

4th down included then the other team gets the ball they take knee for every down.

they are actually running a legitimate play and the play clock never stops no real calls to be made




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even if it is just for the first half or maybe quarter,it show a solidarity

i'd prefer 1st half





less injuries or chances


i just remember when nascar stopped the bump drafting or were penalizing for it

it seemed the next race at a superspeedway where that is critical to go fast

the drivers got in singlefile and drove for lap after lap

it made an impact

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