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Parade at 11am Tuesday


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parking for the stadium celebration is free in lots F, G, H & J



Can anyone give me an idea if that is a lot of parking? If so I may head down to the stadium celebration. I dont want to have to drive around looking for a spot or pay a bunch.

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Can anyone give me an idea if that is a lot of parking? If so I may head down to the stadium celebration. I dont want to have to drive around looking for a spot or pay a bunch.

Yes Spen, those are the parking lots..


Unfortunately I wont be getting in til Thursday..Kids always throw a wrench into well laidout plans...

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Enjoy the parade you lucky bastards. When they won in 2000 I was in High School, so I missed the parade. I wasn't really pressed to go because I was naive enough to figure they'd be back soon enough. A few years ago I promised myself if they every went again I'd make every effort to make the parade, but alas no can do. The boss is out on business and we can't both be out at the same time.


For those that are young enough to have missed the 2001 parade (and I can't think of anyone offhand but i'll say this anyway) don't assume another championship is coming easily....make every effort to get there.

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It's going to be a Monster Party Baltimore!!! :gorave:



Baltimore is in party-planning mode a day after the Ravens' Super Bowl victory.

Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake says the city's parade for the team will begin at City Hall on Tuesday morning and end with a free celebration at M&T Bank Stadium.

The lineup was still being finalized as the team arrived back in Maryland on Monday afternoon.

The parade will begin at 10:45 a.m. at City Hall, where there will be a new purple, black and white congratulatory banner hanging. The parade will head south on Commerce Street and continue to Pratt and Howard streets.

The stadium celebration begins at 12:30 p.m. The National Weather Service was forecasting temperatures in the low to mid 30s with a 20 percent chance of light rain or snow.

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Here's the parade route, times and street closures....




"It's Ravens players, the Ravens band, Ravens cheerleaders, Ravens coaches
and the Ravens mascot," said Tracy Baskerville, a spokeswoman for the Baltimore
Office of Promotion and the Arts. "And confetti. Of course, you can't have any
event without confetti."


Admission to the stadium, which will open at 10 a.m., is free. Fans may also
park for free in the stadium lots, which will open at 9 a.m.


Michael Evitts, spokesman for the Downtown Partnership, said his organization
is granting its employees leave to attend the parade.

"Our feeling is it's better to acknowledge what's going to happen than force
them to call in sick," he said. "Even if they're at the office tomorrow, they're
not concentrating. Nothing unites this town across all demographics like the

Evitts said he expected the parade to draw thousands of fans. "This is going
to be even bigger than last week," he said of the Ravens rally before the team
left for the Super Bowl in
New Orleans. "This is a moment of civic significance. This is a moment of
cultural significance."


Monica Beeman, a stay-at-home mother from Severn, said she also planned to
take her sons, ages 3, 6 and 8, out of school for the parade.

"This is an experience I want them to have," said Beeman, who will take the
light rail with another mother and her children. "This is something they're
going to remember forever."


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I got to see the whole stadium part. I stopped at a barbershop for a haircut and they had it on the TV there just as the Ravens were pulling up to the stadium.

Awesome. There had to be over 100,000 fans there. My son was there and sat in our seats and took tons of pictures. He said everybody felt like family....you could feel the love.

Great Show Baltimore!

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