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Ravens get 4 Comp Picks


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That helps. Now they have 12 picks in this draft.



The Baltimore Ravens were awarded four compensatory picks by the NFL on Monday, which is the most in the AFC and ties the Atlanta Falcons for the most in the league. The Ravens now have 12 draft picks next month. Only the 49ers, who have 14 picks, have more than Baltimore.

Baltimore received one extra pick in the fourth, fifth, sixth and seventh rounds. The NFL gave the Ravens those four picks because they lost six unrestricted free agents last season (guard Ben Grubbs, linebacker Jarret Johnson, defensive tackle Brandon McKinney, safety Haruki Nakamura, defensive lineman Cory Redding and safety Tom Zbikowski) and signed two (safety Sean Considine and cornerback Corey Graham).

Since 1994, the Ravens have received a league-best 37 compensatory picks, which is six more than any other team in the league.




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So, what justifys KC getting a 3rd pick? they lost 4 players, not 1 of them worth a lick. Comp picks were based on time played, season awards..Brandon Carr, Le'Ron McClain, Kyle Orton, Barry Richardson were KC's losses, I dont recall anyone of them having stellar years that would warrant a 3rd round Comp pick

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Crav, the first part of the formula is the money they received in FA so Brandon Carr got 5 years $50.1m so $10.02m per year. The rest of the formula is made up of playing time, performance, pro bowl appearance etc. but most of the guys that predict the picks say it is 90% to do with the money the FA received.


Houston got a 3rd for Mario Williams $16.67m per year contract.


The Titans got a 3rd for Cortland Finnegans $10m per year contract.


It seems to be an approx. $10m per year contract nets you a 3rd round pick.


So I would imagine we will get a 4th for both Kruger and Ellerbe. I'm not sure about Cary Williams yet. He could be either a 4th or 5th as his contract wasn't worth much more than what JJ got from San Diego.


If McKinney signs elsewhere it will probably be for something similar to what Spears got so they cancel each other out. That leaves Ed Reed. If he signs somewhere for the $6m per year he is looking I would expect that to net us another 4th.


Conceivably we could end up with 4 4th round compensation picks for the 2014 NFL Draft. That is how you retool quickly especially if you are really good at drafting.

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