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Removing Emotion, Let's Look at Ravens' Departures


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Remove the emotion from the equation. Only then can an objective opinion be formed about the state of the Ravens and the players that have departed. Yes, the number of players leaving the team is jarring, shocking, and maybe even a little upsetting. It would have been great for the Ravens to keep the players that left, but realistically that is just not a possibility. The Ravens will be all the better for it.


Now, take a breath.


This season, more than any other, though even last year hinted at the trend, the offense was the stronger unit.


Take another breath.


The regular season statistics show that the offense and defense were even, finishing 16th and 17th, respectively. The offense was tenth in scoring and touchdowns, while the defense was 20th in points allowed. The offense ended the season in the top 15 in three other categories--passing (15th), rushing (11th), and receiving (14th). The unit finished 16th in total yards. These stats were accomplished with an offensive line unit ranked 20th. Additionally, special teams finished first in kick returns, third in kicking, fifth in punting, tied for seventh in field goals.


The only category in which the Ravens defense was in the top 15, was in tackles (second) and sacks (tied for 15th).


Now, I'm not saying that the defense was garbage and the players lost didn't contribute to the Ravens' success. Nor am I saying that the impact of the departures won't be felt. The biggest lost I believe is Anquan Boldin who contributed heavily to the success of the offense. What I am saying is that in the grand scheme of things, the majority of the players lost have been on the defensive side of the ball, from a defense that was showing its age and declining.


For the Ravens, like always, it's next man up.

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Wernt we #2 in Red zone D?


Found that stat, but the other stats from that site vary from the official NFL stats. Not sure how reliable it is. But, if you use that site, the defense was 30th against the run 25th against the pass. So.....

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Yeah we saw how improved the offense was when Joe had time to throw. If we can get a LT whether it be in the draft (might not get a day 1 starter) or bring back McKinnie then I will feel better.


I also like the moves we have made on D so far and if we add Dumervil to bolster the pass rush then it would be a job well done so far by Ozzie. I would have liked to have Ed back there just for some continuity and vet leadership but if we get younger and faster that might not be a bad thing. Plus his contract will net us a 5th round pick next year so there is a silver lining.

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The emotion for me is the loss of a large group of players that I loved watching and following their careers.

Ray Lewis, Burke, Ed Reed, Ellerbe, Boldin, Pollard. They were Ravens to the bone.

That's also a huge loss of leadership and character.

So that puts the damper on things at this moment...but not for the upcoming season.


They could lose 10 starters from the Super Bowl team if Leach and McKinnie don't come back. That's almost 50% of your starters gone.


I'm good with getting younger and faster. Keeping this group together for 1 more year would only sink the ship.


There's time to celebrate, time to morn, and now is the time to look ahead.

For me, it will be exciting to see what FA's Ozzie gets between now and the end of preseason.

Those 12 draft picks are going to be very interesting. Then, this team is still deep and there are players who will take advantage of their development and fill some voids.

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Good analysis, Dee. It is hard to see you players you love leave the team. The one that hurt the worst for me was Boldin. But, with the exception of Pollard, the moves made cap sense and did reflect a desire to get younger and maybe faster on D. I think they let Pollard go because he's a disruptive force in the locker room and that Harbs statement it was 'purely cap' is purely crap.


As Papa and RavenMad said above, the biggest most important need to fill for me is LT. Whether by FA or drafte we really need one and Michael Ohrer has not done well there. If McKinnie can keep in shape, which is a real question, I would like to see him back while we groom a long-term solution. Ohrer does well on the right side and KO is a really good LG. We should let them play the positions they fit best. I'm not impressed with with either Jah Reid or Harewood.


Somehow we have to come up with 2 safeties, 2 ILBs, that LT, a C to compete with Gino, and possibly another tough possession receiver like Boldin. I think that's a tall order for Oz but if anyone can do it, its him.

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You know what excites me?

No...no...not that!... :fishin: ....I mean about the upcoming season.


I think the Ravens have a very solid core of players and will come out of this better. This year.

Like Dee said...the D was going down for the count last season. It needed an overhaul. The O didn't explode until Caldwell took over. Special Teams is rock solid. Everybody has a ton of playoff experience and now Super Bowl experience. They are all solid vets.


The first power rankings are out...which is ridiculous, but the Ravens are ranked 8th! There are a slew of slappies ahead of them.

It will be fun to watching the Ravens make the pundits look stupid. The pundits over value early free agency, (which is 5% of building a winner) and they have the teams who spent big money for mostly average players, rising right to the top of the rankings. They will fail. Most of them do every year.

It's fun reading how the heat is really on Matt Shaub and Mat Ryan after what Flacco did and they haven't.

How about the rExodus in New York?


OH...and winning the Super Bowl is just one sweet accomplishment.

That trumps everything for me.

I am in the "Relax Mode" because I know they did not mortgage the future.

The Ravens will be in the hunt every year.


The league wanted to see them get old, slow and implode.

Won't happen.

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This is a business, and it's just stupid (though also the point of the entertainment, I agree) to get attached to really any of these guys. Do you get attached to the crew at your local McDonald's? Because I guarantee you that each one of them would bolt over to the Burger King across the street for a dollar per hour more.


Not one player who left was worth what the team they went to will pay them. That's no question. The only issue, then, is finding who will replace them and, considering that we have about six months for that to work itself out, I think everything will be just fine.

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