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OK, what are we going to say if Ravens beat Cinci?


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Surprizing to me, but Cinci is favored by 1 point. If we play the Raven football we are accustomed to, and 71,000 will this team to victory, are you back on the proverbial wagon?

Me? Ravens have to go 7-1 rest of the way- at Detroit, Chicago, and Cinci. Can't really say I will be, but I'll always root for them or better or worse.

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I'll always root for the Ravens as long as they play hard, coach hard, and manage well. They don't have to be in the playoffs every year for me to be a fan and I think we're going to be down for a few seasons yet. They still have my support.


I'd like to add that I wish for them to be entertaining to watch and show some life out there 'cause I haven't seen either this season.


As far as Cinci goes, they really aren't that good and we still have a chance of edging them.


Course the last time I picked the Ravens they lost and didn't look good and I think I said they would play 'lights out'. Well, they were 'lights out' alright---in that they played like they were asleep!

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I'd also like the coaches and team to be more honest and stop shoveling this BS:


An article on 'how good' the blocking was.




If I remember right we gave up 5 sacks and never opened any holes for the running backs

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It depends how they look and how much progress they show. If they win while protecting Joe and show some success in the running game then i'll get a little excited. They're only 1 game out of the six seed after all, so while their play has made the playoffs unlikely, the opportunity is still there. If they look the same on O but manage to pull one out due to Special Teams and Defensive TD's then i'll be happy, but not too excited about the team going forward.

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Well we all know how strong the Ravens are at home and Cinci has definitely struggled on the road. The only thing that concerns me about a close matchup is that our D can't stop anyone late in the game and Cinci seems to do pretty well in close contests, aside from last week.

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