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RedRider gets 6yrs $115mil


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The numbers suggest that Dalton just crumbles when attacked. It’s not as simple as merely big-blitzing Dalton and having him panic; the Bengals have a very good offensive line, and when that line keeps the opposition off Dalton, he remains a league-average passer. To pick an all-inclusive stat, QBR2 pegs Dalton as the 23rd-best quarterback in football over his three years as a pro, with a cumulative QBR of 51.5. When teams rush Dalton with five men or more, his QBR falls to 47.0, but since everybody’s a little worse when they’re blitzed, that’s good enough for 21st in the league.

When the blitzes actually make it home? That’s when Dalton falls apart. Naturally, everybody gets worse under these circumstances. No quarterback wants to run through his reads with J.J. Watt bearing down. That’s human nature. Among the 34 quarterbacks with 500 or more dropbacks over this three-year stretch, the average passer’s QBR was cut by more than half (52.4 percent) when he was either hassled or hit by a pass-rusher. Dalton is not so lucky. Already just a league-average quarterback when nobody’s bothering him, Dalton’s QBR under duress falls to a lowly 11.1, a drop of 81.4 percent. That leaves him as the fifth-most stressed by pressure, and the four guys in front of him don’t make for a bright future: Sanchez, Bradford, Weedone, Hasselbeck.http://grantland.com/features/andy-dalton-cincinnati-bengals-pressure/

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I can't believe they paid him before seeing his production this year. There was talk they might even have taken a QB in the last draft and now they hand out elite money to an average at best QB that can't win when it counts.


If he had a good year and proved us all wrong including winning at least 1 playoff game then by all means throw 115m at him but they could have waited and his price probably wouldn't have gone any higher than that.


Now they are stuck with him. If he falls apart again during the playoffs what do they do next offseason? The bungals keep on bungling.

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