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I know who we are not drafting

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Apparently we are bringing in Cody for a visit.


Cody has reportedly arrived at Raven's HQ at a ripped 360, sporting a Gerard-Butler-esque six-pack.


I know our depth at DT is suspect, but can we really be looking at Cody as a first rounder? Trading down and taking him? Because plugging the run is definitely not our problem, and that seems to be all this guy does (aside from blocking extra points)

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Terrence Cody would be the typical Ozzie Newsome Best Player Available pick that we all hate at first and then love 2 years down the road. Right now, I don't see where he would play next to Ngata and Gregg, but aside from that, this guy would clearly be the biggest difference-maker available that late in the first round. While he is almost useless on 3rd downs, the havoc he creates on 1st and 2nd downs is simply incredible. Alabama went from giving up 130 yards a game in 07 to only like 75 a game in 08 when he transferred in as a junior, Cody is for real.

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