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Ravens make a good signing


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Awesome signing . Yes !!!!! I watched this guy in the CAA against my alma mater - he's a beast that just hasn't performed for whatever reason.

This may be the change of scenery and breakthrough that he needs.


Love the pickup and hope he gets back on track soon.


Welcome back to BMore Mr West !!!!!👍

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Ozzie wanted to draft him but the Browns got there first.




West also posted on Instagram that is he joining the Ravens.

“From pop warner to high school to college and now the pro's,” West wrote. “God took me around the world to bang me up so I could appreciate it more being home. Ima give you guys my all. I love my city. Dreams into reality!! Locked in and focus. #BlessedToBeA #RAVEN”....

Baltimore fans likely remember him as a touchdown machine at Towson, where he rushed for 4,854 yards and 84 touchdowns.

He led Towson to a national title game before opting to forgo his senior year and enter the draft....http://www.baltimoreravens.com/news/article-1/Ravens-Add-RB-Terrance-West-To-Practice-Squad/36b5b8ab-23f5-49da-969c-b34f9e481cd9.

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This is a great signing. Here's a better link below.


Kyle Shanahan was the OC who pimped West on draft day so Clowns traded

up in front of Minn, Bmore and Piss to grab him fearing he would be gone. West

had a very good rookie year and stats were slightly better than Taliaferros

rookie year who is ahead of him now on depth chart with Buck just below



However, in the Clowns game of musical chairs with coaches, Kyle left the mistake

by the Lake and West lost a big supporter. Enter DeFelippo the new OC and WEst's

numbers went down. BTW, HARBs interviewed Kyle for the OC here before he knew

Kubes was available and he liked him and might have gotten the job if no Kubes.


So WEst ends up in Tenn and was caught in a numbers game. They wanted to go with the

2 guys they drafted and cut West who said on draft day that Ravens were going to sign

him but Clowns beat them to him by trading up in front of Ravens and Squeelers and

Minn to get him. All 3 teams needed RBs. Ozzie disputed West that he was definitely going

to sign him.


Clownies tried to rib us saying they one-upped Ozzie and out-smarted him. WEll, not quite.

Ozzie ended up with Gilmore who iced the wild card game in PIss last February with a TD.


So now the carousel in Leaveland turns again and Ozzie gets a 3rd round draft choice for

nothing. For nothing. ILMAO as Ozzie one-upped Clowns once again.


Watch West turn it on in front of his home town friends and dont believe the crap that he

doesn't like working out. Suggs and the guys will get him in the gym.


His biggest criticism coming out of college was his heavy legs from all the running he did so

legs were worn out from a bunch of 300 and 400 yard games - both running and receiving.

I was watching the play off game between Towson and WestMichigan or whatever it was and the

TV posted his stats something like 450 yds and 4 TDs and I said to the guy next to me are the stats for the entire offense or just West's and he said just West's.


Freaking unbelievable and he still got about 700 yrds and a couple of TDs in the pros plus

l94 yds vs Ravens and a 100 yard game vs Squeelers and a 94 yd game vs Cinci and 68 yrds vs

NO plus 3 TDs in those games. So much for his legs being worn out.



It's also great to have another home town boy on the team in Campanero who grew up

in near by Howard County, I think it was. Nothing can be more exciting than playing for

your home team after going to all their games growing up.




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If it comes down to one or the other, I like Terrence West (over Tally) as the long term solution. If nothing else,

going into 2016 we have the three (four) headed monster of Forsett, Allen, West, and Tally. I


Its similar to our circa 2008-9 backfield (Rice, McGahee, LeRon).


Moving forward, I like it.


Now lets fix the damn WR corps, the other holes on the O, and the overhaul on D. .

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That's all fine and dandy but he's on the practice squad, for 25 bucks any team can claim him.

With over 80% of the RAvens being injured at one time, want to bet that West wont be

called up soon?


Ditto on fixing the WRs but now with half the season gone, we're stuck with what we



Maybe with the high draft picks, Ozzie can find someone but it has been his achilles

heal, never drafting a true blue chip receiver. Torrey Smith was the closest one but no

one cried when he left. He signed slot guys like Boldin and SR but never got the

blue chipper.

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I wonder if they'd make a run at Megatron in the offseason? Nah, plus he's on the wrong side of 30; always dinged up, too.

We need a young early-mid twenties version of Megatron or Boldin. .

Yea, like my pappy always said, I need a million bucks and a six month

vacation. LOL

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Maybe Joe hits Boldin instead of going to Torrey Smith in NE but who knows.


The Defense blew a 2 TD lead in Foxboro in February so Brady would still have picked on

Melvin and Elam and use a lot of trickery, cheating and bending of the rules at the most

appropriate times.

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