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Boyle suspended final 4 games


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Well, that's what you get for drafting someone from whittle bity Delaware. He


must have felt he needed it. He was my favorite rookie.


Radio said Joe played last 2 games with injured shoulder and is getting MRI

but his knee is being operated on today - I think.

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I caught some of harbs' presser on the way home.

he said it was something stupid not something "bad" like steroids. He was annoyed but didn't seemed too concerned. He left it up to Boyle to reveal what it was.



Well, since he did it again, I guess maybe it was "bad".... plenty of tight ends out there like him, kick him to the curb.

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I find the knee jerk cut dudes for stuff like this is insane.

Well, the Sun had a good talk of it. I don't think it would be knee jerk. He's cheap, twice in trouble in six months, we have two solid tight ends and another back up, it's early in off season to replace, etc... Let him be someone else's flier. No head feelings, but not our mess anymore...

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Well, financial cost is nothing.... but the "attitude" or "philosophy" cost could be substantial. That's a matter of opinion, but something that isn't unnoticed. Bottom line, keeping a guy making those mistakes (repeatedly) could be sending a message about what's tolerated or not, who's a favorite and not, etc...

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