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Round 1


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The Ravens pick should be between 10 and 10:30. Probably closer to 10:30.

I'm going to try to stay up but I've been working since 5 am and have to leave at 5 am in the morning.

My guess is many fans won't be happy with this pick but the Ravens have a lot of needs and they all can't be filled by 1 first round selection. So I hope they get the Best Player available. Get a playmaker, and if it's a lineman, then get the next Yanda. The O line has to get way better or the Ravens will never be able to make a run. Maybe Lamp makes the difference.

Hey...if Davis is there....that would be exciting, but then again, we'd never see them run the ball. Not as long as Mornhinweg is around.

Get the CB is rounds 2-3. The draft is deep with these guys.

I think the premier edge rushers will be gone...but the Ravens year 2 guys just might surprise.

Linebacker....there are possibilities and needs here.


Anyway....Go Ravens! :gorave:

I'm starting to feel optimistic about the upcoming season.

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There's a lot of holes. I've changed my mind on who we should take and now think we'd better take an OL in the first round and one of the two best centers in the second or third rounds. There's a need to protect Flacco and give him more time to throw plus we need a running game. If we are able to draft the best OT and best C our line would be set for quite a while.


Yep we still need a playmaking WR, an ILB, more CB depth. Depending on where we draft the Center, this guy might still be available in round 2-3:



Does anybody know this guy? All I know is what I'm reading on the web. Has anybody seen this guy play?

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32 1/4"
8 3/4"
Although his father, Bobby, was a star running back in Tuscaloosa, Marlon was not solely a legacy pickup. He was a national All-American pick out of the famed Hoover High program, as well as a state champion sprinter and hurdler. Nick Saban redshirted him in 2014 due to the team's depth in the secondary, a luxury possible for no other team in the country. Humphrey started all 15 games the following year, earning Freshman All-SEC notice (45 tackles, 3.5 for loss, three INT, eight PBU) for the national champs. He again locked down a starting spot in 2016, intercepting two passes and breaking up five others. While he didn't earn all-conference honors, his toughness in coverage throughout the season intrigued scouts.
STRENGTHS Has the body type and athletic traits that are out of central casting. Fluid hips and hard-charging makeup speed. Well-versed in a variety of coverages. Plays with disciplined eyes and good balance between high-low responsibilities in zone. Good short-area acceleration to close out receivers and attack throwing lanes. Reactive athleticism helps erase coverage mistakes. Extremely competitive with an edge that spikes after he's beaten. Timid receivers should take the day off. Aggressive from press with a powerful punch. Looks to intimidate when the opportunity arises. Drives receivers out of bounds and out of the play if their vertical release takes them too close to the boundary. Will not let a blocking receiver punk him. Tears through blocker and attacks downhill. Searches for opportunities to strip the ball; forced three fumbles in 2016.
WEAKNESSES Impatient from press coverage. Opens inside or outside too early rather than waiting for a clear declare from receiver. Struggles to stay in phase throughout the route and allows separation opportunities. Feet are fast but sloppy. Footwork becomes bulky and balance diminishes when matched against quality route workers. Plays a scrambling style of coverage that is too reliant upon his athletic gifts. Issues playing the deep ball are a concern. From off coverage, overreacts to route fakes and opens the door to a big play. Allowed more than 19 yards per completion as a starter. Can be slow to locate the ball and finds himself out of optimal position to play the ball.
SOURCES TELL US "There are some things on tape that really worry you. If he has trouble playing the long ball it is going to be bombs away against him and his team might have to change how they cover because of that. Those issues usually don't go away." -- Scouting director for AFC team
BOTTOM LINE Talented height-weight-speed prospect who comes from NFL bloodlines. Might need time for his technique to catch up with his traits. Coverage inconsistencies could cause him to struggle against quality competition early on, but his mental makeup and recovery talent should help him pull through. Has the instincts and run-support skills to become an early starter for a zone-cover defense, but it will be hard for teams looking for a lockdown, man corner to pass on all of those physical gifts early in the draft.

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What He Brings

While there's room for improvement when it comes to playing the ball and his eye discipline in zone coverage, Humphrey has the length, speed and fluidity to develop into a No. 1 corner. Plus, he's a reliable tackler and outstanding run defender. -- Steve Muench


The Ravens need CB's....bad.

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Another Bama bust.... Doesn't play to hos track speed and relies too much on it. Struggles finding the ball and covering quick receivers.

If they were going to risk a pick on a Bama player, wait till the 2nd round when they usually miss any way... Oy.

Oh boy, I made mention in your first draft thread hoping Oz wasn't watching the ncaa championship game and he getting googly eyed at bamas corners

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Humphry does one thing well, better than any CB in the draft, and something the Ravens CB's can't do.

He lines up on the WR at the LOS and disrupts the receiver. he delays and knocks them off their route which is huge in this dink and dunk league.

He's not lining up 10 yards back which is standard MO for the Ravens secondary.

As far as going over the top on him?

That's why the safety position was invented and the Ravens are set there.


Oh...he can tackle. Very well. That will set one edge of the field.

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It’s a sound move … very sound.

I’ll be honest: Upon hearing Humphrey’s name announced, my first thought was about the sinking feeling that washed over Ravenstown last December when cornerback Jimmy Smith went down and out with a serious ankle sprain just as the Ravens’ challenging final month of the 2016 season began. A lot of people shrugged and said, “Well, that’s it; no playoffs this year.” And they were right. Because the Ravens didn’t have adequate cornerback depth.

Well, the Ravens won’t be walking that tightrope again in 2017, praying that Smith stays healthy because their backup plan in the secondary isn’t sufficient to get them where they want to go.

They obviously, finally, have found religion on the subject of secondary depth....http://www.baltimoreravens.com/news/article-1/Eisenberg-Not-A-Sexy-Pick-But-A-Very-Sound-One/94b2a605-2662-45ca-9345-7b52c5248f7d

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To me, if you were going to take a chance on a alabama guy I would had went with the LBer. That is just me. What DBs are left on the board?




You see what the Browns did?


Bears look like fools. It was like they forgot who they had on their team. :)

Yeah, not sure what the Bears are thinking there, he is 3 years at best away from being a productive qb.


Love what the Browns have done so far, very bold and clearly stats oriented.


Overall, both Espn and NFL network set a record for miserable draft coverage. This set up is stupid, it takes the comish almost 5 minutes to get to the podium from where the set up is and the players have a long "dangerous" walk as well.



Jordan Lewis from Michigan I think is still out there, he is a better cover man than the Bama bust. Maybe they land him in the 2nd...


Still, they don't have linebackers, starters, no offensive tackle, no center, no wide outs/slot/returner.


While they needed help at corner, not near as badly as the other positions.


I don't want to hear they stuck with their board as all the receivers slated to go middle round one went ahead of where they should have gone.


So much reaching by teams so far.

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We've been caught with our pants around our ankles too many times at CB, so I'm ok with this, but I don't know enough college ball to really say how great he'll be. I know when I saw 'Alabama' I just felt like it was a safe pick, but I don't know.

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