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Ez Elliot expected to be suspended today

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No charges, no real evidence, his behavior has been suspect with pulling that young lady's top down but even she did not press charges.



This should be interesting, I would have to venture a guess & say they go under the personal conduct policy, give him 6, settle, after his appeal for 4 games.


Pulling that top down and bar fights are not a good look whether charges were filed or not. The internet has changed many things, one of them may be how the league views young men under NFL contracts act in public, law breaking or not.


They have a long standing policy about not putting the league in a bad light.

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Yea...I get that Grubber.

It brought it home, live and up front as to how horrible this every day occurrence is.


So everybody got more educated.

Therefore they should have a better understanding of the severity of this.


Getting punched in the face off camera is just as severe as on camera.


6 games is not enough.

The same sentence that Rice got is fair.

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I am all for Rice being reinstated, but that's me. He has thrown himself at the mercy of his fans and done everything asked of him.


There are a ton active players who show no remorse. I wonder if there was a video of them, how things would be different. I wonder if there was no video of Rice, if his actions would be different.


Who will ever know...

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damn cravn

did oldskool hack into your account or what

you are not who i thought you were


the statue has zero place in our society just like the racists fucks defending the statue

and the cuntbag fuckface douche in the whitehouse gives them one ounce of credibility is reason for removal of his fat ass

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