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Go for it if the money is not a big issue.

All franchises go through highs and lows. The Ravens are no different.


I definitely have not enjoyed the product the last few years but still had a good time at the games. Last year was the first time that I thought about selling my PSL's but this off season and the direction this team is heading has me excited again. Money is going to be an issue if the product keeps getting watered down.

Being a PSL owner I was able to have a seat for their playoff games and I'll never forget them.

There are certainly real clunkers and disappointing losses but that makes the big wins feel so good.

There are a ton of memorable, exciting wins and being there, sharing those moments with the fans was outstanding.

I say this because football is a hobby for me. A 3 hour escape into something none serious that I guess, myself and many fans take too seriously at times. I get to go out, scream my brains out and come home purged. :cop:

Can't help it. I'm a Baltimore and a Ravens fan.

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I'm a bit surprised, Dee, unless money was the issue. I was figuring years of interest would outweigh the poor results of the last 3 seasons.


If they had called two weeks earlier, I would've purchased, but I committed to a vacation first. Vacation wins out.

Plus, I'm still in boycott mode. I didn't watch a single game last year, not even the Super Bowl. And I didn't miss it.

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