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dr-strangelove-peter-sellers.jpg?w=450 Let's start with the fans...the much needed 12th man.



I hope the 4,000 fans who attend Sunday can make up for the 66,000 who can't. The Ravens will really need some kind of home field advantage to pull off a win. We need 4,000 fans like this focused and enthusiastic lad...t_70e912304cda4418bb6973d0e7a611f2_name_

Huge game!.......... although it's still early in the season. Pittsburgh is 6-0.  Ravens 5-1. Both teams have played only 1 quality opponent with the Steelers beating the Titans and the Ravens losing to the Chiefs. The Ravens can't afford a second loss, especially a division loss, if they want to win the division. A Ravens win and both teams will sit at 6-1 with the Ravens owning the tiebreaker.

The winner of this game will win the division because the Steelers have a cupcake schedule against the Cowboys, Bengals and Jaguars following this game. That would give them 10 wins if they beat the Ravens, who would then have 2 conference losses.

Team Stats

pit.png&h=100&w=100 bal.png&h=100&w=100
Points Per Game 30.5 29.8
Points Allowed Per Game 19.7 17.3
Total Yards 371.7 357.5
Yards Passing 242.0 193.2
Yards Rushing 129.7 164.3
Yards Allowed 315.5 368.8
Pass Yards Allowed 246.7 259.8
Rush Yards Allowed 68.8 109.0

The Ravens Defense and Special Teams will keep them in the game. The Stealer offense against the Titans was all dink and dunk as Roethlisberger average 5.5 yards per pass. He threw three interceptions. Against the Ravens, he will release the ball quickly, dink and dunk, to stay upright versus the Ravens. The defense certainly has the potential to make life hell for Roethlisberger and Connor.


And the Ravens have the number one Special Teams unit in the NFL. It just might be a big day for Tucker because it looks like this is going to be a low-scoring game like Ravens/ Steelers's snot knockers of the past. images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQfbYxsgNaTrARCg7fdbsD


Can Proche make a difference? Field position and Special Teams points in this game could be the difference.

Why? Because the Steelers defensive front seven out matches the Ravens offensive line.

The Steelers held Derek Henry to 75 yards on 20 carries for a 3.8 ypc. We saw what Henry did to the Ravens. :scared: Now, what do you think they're going to do to the Ravens offensive line? It looks like the Ravens are going to have a hard day running the football and Lamar Jackson will be under a lot of pressure. Remember:



5 — number of times the Steelers sacked Jackson the previous time they faced him, a 26-23 Baltimore victory last October....https://www.msn.com/en-us/sports/nfl/perfectly-imperfect-steelers-not-satisfied-at-6-0/ar-BB1apQbO?ocid=hplocalnews


Until the offense line shows me, I have little confidence in their ability to perform close to the level that they did last season. Once again, I see Lamar on his own needing to come up with a few big plays whether running or passing to make the difference in this game. images?q=tbn:ANd9GcR7YAQQfWzh4p7Emx-gx9V "Go easy on me man!"


Boykin, Sneed, Brown and Duverney have to show up and make some plays including YAC yards.

Something's got to give, and as usual in big games like this, penalties and turnovers will go a long way towards determining the winner. If the offense of line that played against the Eagles shows up then game over.

All that said, it looks like a fairly even contest between two well-balanced teams, 2 complete teams. A game that the Ravens can win. :gorave:

MV5BYjcwNjc4N2QtZmUwOS00NzM1LWIzNmMtZTJi "I predict a down to the wire, Ravens win by 1-3 points....lets say 22-20. How's that for your blood pressure?"

A pleasant scene from the past...d641341cee0eaf2a989ba55ed9bb24cd.jpg...



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I really don't know what to make of this game or what to expect from this team. If they play their best game, the Steelers don't stand a chance.

However, the best way to beat this blitz happy defense is the short quick passes the Steelers utilize. The best way to stop Lamar is with speed at the defensive ends/olb and press coverage; exactly how the Steelers play/have.

Hey, we have better special teams, right?

No fans in the stands helped the Dodgers thwart a guy's attempt to steal home, the pitcher was able to hear his catcher yell the guy was stealing. Can that help the wideouts yell to Lamar they are open? Or for Stanley to yell; "look out!"


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I just can't see a Ravens' win here unless the full offense shows up: running, passing, receiving, and blocking. They haven't put all these together yet. As I argued for earlier, time to replace Boykin with Duvernay if B. can't produce this game. And Stanley, Brown, et.al.,  are going to have to get fired up and block.

Steelers 24 Ravens 13 unless they wake up.

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8 hours ago, Spen said:

I hope they win,  but win or lose - if they call a pass when I think they should run (or vice versa) I am not going to be happy!

I hear you. And I miss the days when it was 3rd and 8 and our receivers ran out 6 yards. It made the games closer and more interesting. Now the run past the sticks. :cryin:


“There’s no bigger rivalry in professional sports — in my opinion — than this matchup,” Campbell said during Monday’s press conference. “As a football fan, I’ve watched it from afar for plenty of years and I’m happy to finally be in it.”

Since 2008 when John Harbaugh took over as coach of the Ravens, Baltimore has gone 14-13 against Pittsburgh. Though they swept the Steelers last season, this is a rivalry where records absolutely don’t matter. Each time these two teams get on the field, you’re going to see the best from both squads and it’s almost always going to be a close contest....https://ravenswire.usatoday.com/2020/10/26/calais-campbell-baltimore-ravens-pittsburgh-steelers-biggest-rivalry-in-professional-sports/

Thank you Calais. It is a huge rivalry. Reading that pumped me up. I mean every person, every team, needs a mountain to climb. In the pouring rain, with lightning...with a broken ankle! What good is life without adversity, challenges and hardship?!


You may not want to know this....:nono:


The biggest question is when Bryant will suit up for the Ravens. Baltimore's wide receivers rank last in the NFL in receptions (58) and receiving yards (737).....

The Ravens are off to a fast start at 5-1, buy their passing game ranks 31st in the NFL. It looks as if Jackson would benefit from another target on the outside because Brown is the only Baltimore wide receiver with more than 11 catches this season.

Bryant is attempting to become the second Pro Bowl wide receiver to miss two full seasons and then return to the NFL since the 1970 merger, according to Elias Sports Bureau research. Josh Gordon was the first.

Bryant hasn't played in a game since December 2017.


But wait! Here's the excuse! They are not receivers! They are blocker!!! They block for the Ravens #1 rushing attack averaging 164.3 yards per game at 5.4 ypc! If only they could find the endzone. & TD's is a little weak.


ESPN Power Poll..............



1. Pittsburgh Steelers (6-0)

Week 7 ranking: 3gn-arrow.png

Who needs to step up: S Minkah Fitzpatrick

Yes, Fitzpatrick had a pick-six against the Browns. But he needs to make splash plays more consistently. The Steelers traded a first-round pick last season for Fitzpatrick, who delivered almost immediately. He has been much quieter this season. His biggest play against the Titans was a holding call that gave Ryan Tannehill and Derrick Henry a fresh set of downs on the goal line after a would-be stop. Henry scored on the next play. Fitzpatrick also missed a tackle of AJ Brown that led to Brown's 73-yard touchdown. For the defense to play at the level it reached last season, Fitzpatrick needs to have a bigger positive impact on the game. -- Brooke Pryor


4. Baltimore Ravens (5-1)

Week 7 ranking: 4sw_ye_40.png

Who needs to step up: WR Miles Boykin

Boykin has failed to step up into the No. 2 wide receiver role for the Ravens, totaling 11 catches for 122 yards (ranking 104th among NFL wideouts).:nono: Boykin has struggled to develop any chemistry with Lamar Jackson and his increasing miscommunication with the quarterback has become a hot topic in Baltimore. With defenses loading up the box to stop the run game, Boykin can make teams pay with some big plays on the outside. The Ravens need a third option because teams are focusing their coverages to stop wide receiver Marquise Brown and tight end Mark Andrews. -- Jamison Hensley.................https://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/30197682/nfl-power-rankings-week-8-1-32-poll-plus-players-need-step-2020

Well....well....he's an improvement over Perryman!

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Need a little more anxiety in your life today?!....


In Lamar Jackson's only appearance against the Pittsburgh Steelers, the MVP quarterback experienced his worst game as a professional football player. Jackson had three interceptions, a 54.9 passer rating and was sacked five times in Week 5 last season, all of which were career worsts.

The Ravens still beat Pittsburgh with Mason Rudolph under center in overtime despite Jackson's bad day..........https://www.nfl.com/news/steelers-hc-tomlin-lamar-jackson-ravens-backfield-a-tough-nut-to-crack

Ngakoue may play Sunday.....:gorave:


Harbaugh said. "He's been in Zoom meetings with the coaches, learning the defense and the game plan, studying the game plan."

While the Ravens' defensive system will be new to him, Ngakoue believes coming to Baltimore in shape after playing six games with the Minnesota Vikings will help.

"It's not like I'm coming in with cold feet," Ngakoue said. "I'm coming in hot already. You just tell me what play we have to run, and I'm running it."..........https://www.baltimoreravens.com/news/news-notes-calais-campbell-says-ben-roethlisberger-is-better-than-ever


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Early predicions don't look good for the Ravens....


Pittsburgh (6-0) at Baltimore (5-1)

1 p.m. ET (CBS)
Point spread: Ravens -3.5

Lamar Jackson might want to think about dumping his cleats for this game and wearing some track shoes instead, because I have a feeling that the Steelers defense is going to have him running for his life. Jackson only has one start against the Steelers in his career and that came last season in a game where he threw three interceptions, was sacked five times and only threw for 161 yards, and that was the Lamar Jackson who went on to win MVP. This year Lamar is not quite playing at an MVP-level, which could be an issue for the Ravens offense, because the Steelers defense is playing as good, if not better than last season. 

Through seven weeks, the Steelers already have racked up 26 sacks, which leads the NFL. As for Jackson, he's been sacked 15 times, which is the second most in the NFL for a starting quarterback on a team with a winning record. Basically, although Baltimore has had a pretty easy time scoring points this season, this doesn't feel like a game where they're going to be able to score at will. 

To even things out, the Ravens will be bringing in their secret weapon: Yannick Ngakoue. If Jackson is going to be running for his life, it only makes sense to make Ben Roethlisberger do the same and no one is better at making Big Ben do that than Ngakoue. In three career games against Roethlisberger, Ngakoue has two sacks, one forced fumbled (that was returned for a touchdown) and five QB hits. As a matter of fact, I'm mildly convinced that the only reason John Harbaugh traded for Ngakoue was so he could play in this game. Any other production after Sunday is just a bonus. 

The Steelers almost beat the Ravens last year without Roethlisberger and now that they have him, I think they're actually going to get the job done. 

The pick: Steelers 26-23 over Ravens.....:leon1:.........https://www.cbssports.com/nfl/news/nfl-week-8-picks-steelers-stun-ravens-in-afc-north-showdown-patriots-shock-bills-in-buffalo/

Tweet of the Week....

3 NFC East teams in Primetime in week 8. Unacceptable. All NFC East games should now be broadcasted on PBS in local markets only and in a language nobody understands.:yeah:
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14 minutes ago, oldno82 said:

Boykin does have good hands---and apparently little else. I sound like a broken record: let Proche and Duvernay play dammit.

I agree, can't hurt.  

I cannot like our chances yet.  I think Pittsburgh is a more talented team.  

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13 hours ago, Spen said:

I agree, can't hurt.  

I cannot like our chances yet.  I think Pittsburgh is a more talented team.  

How can you like their chances when they have lost all the big games. To Chargers and Titans in the playoffs and the Chiefs games. This is a big game and moment for this Ravens team. Can they rise to the occasion?

On the other hand....to ease our worries   :gorave:...... the Ravens beat the Steelers in their final game last year 28-10. That was with RG3....images?q=tbn:ANd9GcTSe-plk3u0MbHtoAv7Zch...  at QB and many starters held out. He had a 44.9 QB rating! :thumbup: 11 for 21 for 96 yards, 0 TD's and 1 INT. He couldn't have done much worse. :ohmy: The Steelers wanted to win that game and it wasn't too long ago.


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2 hours ago, papasmurfbell said:

But it wasn't a high leverage game.

Not so!


Pittsburgh entered the game needing help to fulfill its quest to become only the seventh team since 1970 to reach the playoffs after an 0-3 start.

The easiest route for Pittsburgh to qualify was a victory over Baltimore combined with a Tennessee loss to Houston.....https://www.espn.com/nfl/recap?gameId=401127950

Our back ups put up 28 points on their "fearsome" defense. The Ravens back ups beat the Steeler starters minus Ben.

No Lamar, Ingram, Andrews, Orlando Brown, Stanley, Yanda and they still put up 28 points on the Steelers defense. Not too shabby.

Look........I'm swinging real hard :fishin: to say there is hope for a Ravens win.

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Early injury reports....


Pro Bowl cornerback Marlon Humphrey (illness) missed practice, as did starting running back Mark Ingram II (ankle). Backup quarterback Robert Griffin III missed practice for non-injury related reasons.

Safety/linebacker and special teams ace Anthony Levine Sr. (abdomen) practiced on a limited basis after missing the Eagles' game, while veteran defensive back Jimmy Smith (Achilles) was also limited. Starting right guard Tyre Phillips (hand) and defensive end Derek Wolfe (concussion/neck) were full participants, and newly acquired defensive end Yannick Ngakoue was also on the field for his first practice with Baltimore......

Coming off a physical victory over the Tennessee Titans, the Steelers had lengthy list of players who missed Wednesday's practice, including starting wide receivers Diontae Johnson (toe) and JuJu Smith-Schuster (knee), starting center Maurkice Pouncey (elbow), starting left tackle Alejandro Villanueva (elbow), tight end Eric Ebron (elbow), nickel back Mike Hilton (shoulder), former Raven and backup nose tackle Chris Wormley (knee) and backup safety Jordan Dangerfield (quadricep).

Missing Pittsburgh's practice for non-injury reasons were guard David DeCastro, quarterback Ben Roethlisberger and defensive end Stephon Tuitt.

Fullback Derek Watt (hamstring), who missed the Tennessee game, was a full participant.........https://www.baltimoreravens.com/news/who-s-practicing-who-s-not-vs-steelers-x8108


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7 hours ago, vmax said:

How can you like their chances when they have lost all the big games. To Chargers and Titans in the playoffs and the Chiefs games. This is a big game and moment for this Ravens team. Can they rise to the occasion?

On the other hand....to ease our worries   :gorave:...... the Ravens beat the Steelers in their final game last year 28-10. That was with RG3....images?q=tbn:ANd9GcTSe-plk3u0MbHtoAv7Zch...  at QB and many starters held out. He had a 44.9 QB rating! :thumbup: 11 for 21 for 96 yards, 0 TD's and 1 INT. He couldn't have done much worse. :ohmy: The Steelers wanted to win that game and it wasn't too long ago.


The first Chargers game was a really big win though! The playoff loss was ugly but that team was a surprise and still forming so I don't blame that on anyone. 

They won some big games last year so I have hope. I just wouldn't wager on them right now.  

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33 minutes ago, papasmurfbell said:

The season was over week 17 last yr.  So that game was not high leverage.

That was week 17. The Steelers had a shot to make the playoffs. It was a very big deal for them. No big deal for the Ravens.


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1 hour ago, tsylvester said:

So if the passing game does not work this weekend, do the Ravens pull the trigger and pay the ransom for Theilan? He would break the cap but might really help this passing attack

No. If the passing game doesn't work that's because of the O line.

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