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Ravens vs Chargers

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There are very few things in life that I do not understand. :fishin: This is one of them.

Ravens win percentage 58.7%

This is a game and match up that before the season began many Ravens fans penciled in as a L However, after the last four games, expect....well....trying to find a word for it... quite simply the Chargers are going to get Lamar'dImage result for ravens vs chargers 2020..:gorave: image0.jpg

During Monday Night's game, as the 3rd quarter wound down, I sat with a bevy of Fine Fellow Ravens Fans in section 117 and with furrowed brows and Grey Poupon stained faces, we began working out the most outrageous scenario for the Ravens to come back and win the game. "Defense holds...shut out from here on out...3 Touchdowns and 2 2point conversions...right?" Image result for Spock Logical All heads nodded in agreement. Our computations had to be outrageous considering the circumstances. All of them happened. I mean, even Cynthia Freedland's computer simulations crashed due to a Ravens virus. 

It defied football logic and therefore I cannot count out the Ravens chances to win this game.

All of us watched a Ravens defense that still struggles with coverage and tackling. We know the injury situation. The running game is finally stalled out at 87 yards Monday night. We are all looking at an offensive line that is struggling to find bodies to man the positions. And coming into town is Justin Herbert and a high powered Chargers offense.:scared:

But wait! If we look at the match up stats, then you will see that we have two very similar teams going head-to-head Sunday. Both teams are 4-1 and are considered playoff contenders at this point in the season.



Team Stats

lac.png&h=100&w=100 bal.png&h=100&w=100
Points Per Game 28.4 27.2
Points Allowed Per Game 23.2 23.4
Total Yards 423.6 452.6
Yards Passing 315.2 303.8
Yards Rushing 108.4 148.8
Yards Allowed 384.2 408.2
Pass Yards Allowed 226.6 315.0
Rush Yards Allowed 157.6 93.2


Something has to give and I'm not going to the Fear Place. Image result for imagesofhell  I intend to walk into the Bank with 70,000 fellow Ravens fans and raise a Wall of Purple Pain to warmly greet the Chargers. Image result for images of ravens fans We know how to do CPR and we know to neve, ever give up. :gorave: 

I have no idea how the Ravens are going to do it, yet my best guess will be that the Ravens win an aerial assault, similar to the Battle of Britain. And once again, like Monday Night, at some point,...at some frayed nerve racking point... the Ravens defense will hold and open the door for yes!..... The Obligatory Ravens Last Minute Winning Scoring Drive. Image result for images of ravens fans

The game will probably go like this............

Image result for imagesjustintuckerravens"Hey! What about me?!"


MV5BYjcwNjc4N2QtZmUwOS00NzM1LWIzNmMtZTJiMDE1NDA4MmM1XkEyXkFqcGdeQXVyNjUxMjc1OTM@._V1_UY100_CR30,0,100,100_AL_.jpg "I always save the best for last. Of course you kick the game winner."

And.....The crowd goes wild and life unfolds as it should. .Damn I love Happy Endings.

See the source image

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Two teams on a roll, both coming back from games they won by overcoming 4th quarter mulitple touchdown deficits... Two young, talented quarterbacks, on the rise too boot..

What could the outcome be?

I have no idea which team shows up, do the Chargers fall to the West coast 1 o'clock curse?

Do the Ravens play lackluster, slow starters as they have mulitple times this year?

I am just happy that I can watch the game live... To the victor goes the spoils!

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Crazy.......“Ravens have rallied to win three games this season in which they’ve had less than an 8% win probability in 2nd half.

Crazier....“Lamar Jackson was named AFC Offensive Player of the Week after throwing for 442 yards and four TDs.

Jackson has won this award eight times in his last 35 starts (since start of the 2019’season).”

“Ravens are a 3-point favorite over the Chargers.

Fun fact: Since 2016, Baltimore is 13-1 in games coming on a short week (fewer than 6 days of rest)”

All from Hensley's Twitter



The Chargers have the league's last-ranked run defense in the league at 157.6 yards per game, so maybe it starts this Sunday....Is Odafe Oweh Leading the Defensive Rookie of the Year Race? (baltimoreravens.com)


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The over-under for Sunday’s game is 51 ½ points.  The Ravens have the league's top No. 1 offense heading into this week. Ravens-Chargers Week 6 Preview, Prediction, Where to Watch (msn.com)



The Ravens have been battle-tested this season and will get another hard-fought battle from the resurgent Chargers. Baltimore might have to get into a shootout, similar to the Colts game. The Ravens should be able to make enough plays down the stretch to outlast the Chargers. Jackson outplays Herbert. The Ravens are playing on a short week, but Los Angeles is dealing with a three-hour time change and a 1 p.m. kickoff. 

Ravens 34, Chargers 31,,,,,,:gorave:

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Check out the last video on this article from the Ravens website. Especially if you're having a rough day.  It's Ravens fans going crazy when Brown scores the TD in OT.  It's titled .Pandemonium at M&T Bank Stadium for Ravens' Epic Comeback..

Lamar Jackson Has Only One More Narrative to Slay (baltimoreravens.com)



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It's not one of my fun things to do, yet every now and then you have to face reality. This means that today we take a look at the Chargers offense and their playmakers of which there are many.Image result for MrBillimages
 The Chargers have the 7th ranked offense in the NFL in yards. Surprisingly the Ravens are #1. In scoring points per game, which I consider a more important stat, the Chargers are at #6 at 28.4 per game and  the Ravens at number nine with 27.2. 
Here's where it begins to get scary, the Chargers have the #3 passing attack, averaging 303 yards per game. The Ravens are at #6 averaging 291.8 yards per game.

Here's the Chargers playmakers:
Justin Herbert 1576 yards passing, 67.2 completion percentage, 7.64 average yards per pass 13 touchdowns and three interceptions and a rating of 104.7. It's interesting to note that Herbert is the #4 passer in the league and Lamar is #5. Their statistics are that close.

Williams WR 15.2 ypp for six touchdowns and 94.2 yards per game with 6 TD's.

Allen WR 12.7 ypp one touchdown 73.8 ypg with1 TD.

TE Cook has 210 yards for a 12.4ypp averaging 42 yards per game with one touchdown

But Wait! They have the #7 ranked rusher in the league in Eckler who has 349 yards, 5.2 ypc, 4 touchdowns for 69.8 yards per game. Who is #8 ? Lamar.:yeah:...Oh...and Eckler has 23 receptions for 194 yards. That's an 8.45 ypp for three TDs and 38.8 yards per game!

Yikes! :scared: This is going to be one hell of a Boss to beat to get to the next level.

On defense, Darwin James leads the team with 42 tackles, Samuel 2 interceptions, Team has a total of 10 sacks with Bosa leading the way at 2.5

I have no idea how the Ravens defense can stand up to this. Consider this: Monday night Carson Wentz, with pedestrian receivers, had a career high 402 yards passing, 11.5 yards per pass for a rating of 128.5. The team reception average was 16.1 ypp. They ran for 123 yards with a 4.7 yards per carry. What do you think this Chargers offense will do? I, for one, for reasons stated above, refuse to go to the Fear Place. Image result for imagesofhell 

On paper we have a shoot out, I'm starting to see expert predictions like 41-38 Chargers ... So...hehee...YES.... This sets up to be another one of those games, as to who has the ball last, as the final seconds tick off the clock and we all know what happens then! :gorave:

Therefore the ER staff of highly trained psychiatrists...Image result for psychiatristimages  urge you to ..sit tight.OIP.QN1cGMKdlJbh-ic-cbdYRgHaIF?w=166&h=1.....keep cool.....Have a paper bag handy...Image result for Panic Attack...Breathe...get ready.......and Freak Out!.Image result for RavensfansImage result for RavensfansImage result for Ravensfans


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18 hours ago, varaven45 said:

Max,  shall we throw in a couple of decades of the rosary, too ?   A couple shots of holy water, too :) :)

Yes! I am also willing to do detention and offer it up. :laugh:


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Todays Question:

Are the Ravens going to show a more run heavy offense Sunday to keep Herbert off the field?



Over the past three weeks, however, it’s as if their power has gone out. In wins over the Detroit Lions, Denver Broncos and Colts, the Ravens have averaged 66.3 rushing yards and 3.2 yards per carry on nonscrambles. The Ravens offense’s newest wrinkle? Dominating with a dormant running game. (msn.com)

Why strategy could change...


The Ravens’ game plan for Sunday could look a lot different than Monday’s, and not just because rookie wide receiver Rashod Bateman is likely to play, and Sammy Watkins (hamstring) is not. The Colts have the NFL’s second-most efficient run defense, according to Football Outsiders. The Chargers’ is the second-worst, ahead of only the Chiefs’. They allowed 230 rushing yards and 6.6 yards per carry in a shootout win Sunday over the Cleveland Browns.

It’s a glaring weakness. It’s also partly by design. Under coach Brandon Staley, the Chargers just about dare teams to run. According to ESPN, opposing offenses this season have had at least as many blockers as the Chargers have had defenders in the box on 87% of their carries, the second-highest rate in the NFL. With star inside linebacker Drue Tranquill (chest) not expected to play Sunday, the pass-wary Chargers should have even less margin for error up front.....The Ravens offense’s newest wrinkle? Dominating with a dormant running game. (msn.com)


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IR Report for the Chargers from the Ravens website:

"A player whose status will be monitored closely prior to Sunday's game is wide receiver Mike Williams, who missed his third straight practice Friday with a knee injury. The Chargers still listed him as questionable to play.

Williams leads Los Angeles in receiving yards (471) and is coming off a huge Week 5 game against the Cleveland Browns – eight catches for 165 yards and two touchdowns. Williams and wide receiver Keenan Allen (34 catches, 369 yards, one touchdown) are a dynamic duo for quarterback Justin Herbert.

Starting safety Nasir Adderley (hip) has not practiced this week and is also questionable. Adderley is the Chargers' second-leading tackler behind All-Pro safety Derwin James

Starting linebacker Drue Tranquill (chest) has been ruled out, which will hurt a defense that ranks last in the NFL against the run. Tranquill had been playing well since replacing the injured Kenneth Murray in the starting lineup...........Lamar Jackson Returns, Sammy Watkins Still Out (baltimoreravens.com)


I'm hearing Williams will be out with his knee problem and from the IR report you can see they will be missing some key players. The Chargers fly in tonight at 9pm. They had a hard fought battle last week and are playing 1pm East Coast time. All this helps the Ravens. Chargers could wilt by the 4th quarter. The Ravens have a decent shot to win. They are catching the Chargers at the right time.

See the source image

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