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Is Mike Preston Really Papa?


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I read Mike's latest article and was going to cut and paste his observations but it turned out I felt nearly the whole article was both accurate and relevant. It also echoes a lot of what Papa (and Tsyl) have been saying. So for those of you who haven't read it, here's the link:





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5 hours ago, tsylvester said:

He is max, he still holds a grudge against the org since they refused to hire him as a coach back in 96... He just steals positive content from message boards to cover it up

Wait, Preston wanted to coach for the Ravens?

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Dallas has a horrible gm/owner hurting them.  

Sf doesn't need much from a qb right now.  

Zona is to dependent on 1 wrand has a coach that I don't think will ever do it.  

The rams made a bad play at qb.  

Tb has injuries whoch i thought would get them this yr.  

Ne needs exp.

Can kc get over Reid's bad coaching.  

I am not sure what to make of buf.   1 min great the next totally ordinary.  

Ultimately I think ten and gb are playing for the title.

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