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Another UGLY game that…


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Proves again new offensive system, OC and QB needed.  Lamar wouldn’t have made a difference tonight; all the more reason to gear up for changes to all three in ‘23. 

Next season w/ a replaced offensive program and QB with this defense gives me hope for a good future.   

Until then, we are stuck with this gut wrenching, painful pathetic offense for 3 more games.  Don’t want, deserve any playoff talk.  This team is 1-2 levels below KC & Buffalo - teams with an offense that deserve to be in SB hunt. 






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There is no doubt that this defense and running game are top notch.

Even the Biscuit has to see how bad this passing game is no matter who is at quarterback. Just look at the other games and compare, wow what a difference.

Defenses do not respect the passing game, the route combinations are easy to decipher, the quarterbacks can only make certain type throws. Easy peasy to defend with match up zone, man on the outside, zone underneath to guard against the running qb and keep underneath routes in check.

We never see hard play action, with an over route to draw the safety with a deep post to confuse them.

We can't run slants any more because the box is so full to stop the run and teams don't respect the passing game.

This passing offense even with new wr coaches, a passing game coordinator, has not just regressed, it has died. They were squatting on routes knowing Huntley can't throw deep, knowing Lamar is not accurate deep outside the numbers. So double moves don't work.

They don't run hard play action so it is easy to tell when it is a pass play so the linebackers don't get sucked up, opening the middle.

Make changes Biscuit, we've all see enough

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I had a feeling the Ravens were going to lose to the Browns because it happens all too often that they lay an egg in important games. All too often that they make mediocre teams look good. I didn't say anything because it seems like an ongoing Ravens curse. 

The coaching was shitty from top to bottom. Harbaugh and Eric are the architects of this mess. How much change will be coming this off season?

It could be massive.

I know that I'm at odds with most of you about retaining Lamar ... I want him locked up IF the guaranteed money is not crazy.  Otherwise let him go. Hell ... he may want out of this mess.

Yet Huntley showed me what's in store for the future if they let Lamar go. There will be a string of "Huntleys" throwing to a string of unproven receivers. 





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It was a costly loss. The play-calling was questionable with getting away from the run. The Ravens had another delay-of-game penalty and were scoreless inside the red zone. An ill-advised decision to go for a first down on a fourth-and-1 in Clevland's red zone also came back to haunt them. Grade: F


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Look at the stats Justin Fields and Jalen Hurts are putting up. Two qbs similar in style as Lamar. Both dangerous rushers, Hurts a better passer, defenses know to keep an eye on them but they still run wild.

Not Lamar any more, why?

Not the offense, more so the passing threat. Teams are still playing man against them, so running is easier, and they are not trying to prove that they are pocket passers.

My pt, a lot of Lamar's issues are in his head, he tries to stay in the pocket too long, hesitates to run too much, so when he does, a five yard gain at best.

All three teams now run a similar offense as ours, save for better pass combinations....

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14 hours ago, varaven45 said:

There’s another Trevor Lawrence in the draft.    The kid from TCU, Oregon, etc. 
it’s time to make a move in 23 👍

Bo Nix is staying in school, great year, he should have been one of the finalist for the Heisman. But be leary of pack 12 qbs, he is only really good against those teams.

Duggan is a gamer for sure, but not sure about his pro game.

Lamar has lost a step, his quickness, it could be related to his hip injury, which did or did not happen because of a hit on the field. It appears to have happened on his flip into the endzone or possibly in his pick up game of football on the beach.

Which is just more fuel to his lack of responsibility to the team. Maybe part of the hold up on his contract is due to language in the contract limiting what he can do off the field....

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The team desperately needs offensive leadership - from the coach, OC and Qb. 
Without it, the team just flounders - plays tough and gritty - but has no identify 

The “change” won’t happen soon enough. Until it does we will get further behind the elite teams - Buffalo, KC, etc. 

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Is Zay Jones one of the best receivers in the league? No, but he produces, makes the tough catch when in tight man, gets open deep because of the route combinations of the other receivers.

His qb also has the touch and accuracy to place the ball, down field outside the numbers, to put the ball where it is easier to catch.  Lawrence does this often enough that Jones knows where the ball will be.

Lamar, has not done this consistently, shoot, even on easy throws over the middle, he routinely throws it just behind, or in the dirt, leaving no chance for yards after catch, routinely. Our receivers, on par with Jones, have to make diving catches, adjust at full speed to an off target throw.

Should they catch some of these? Sure, they are professional after all. They did in college, but that too was muscle memory based on doing it over and over in practice. They "knew" where the ball would be.

Lamar, amongst the top qbs, is far below in making that throw, down field outside the numbers. Shoot, he is way down on attempts, why? Not because of pocket pressure or that the play had not been called. No, but because he chose not to make those throws.

In tight man, Lamar struggles because he doesn't trust, either him self, or his receivers. We've seen Andrews make those tight catches, even Duv, Likely, etc from time to time. But nothing consistent, in the NFL, open is a half step, not wide open.

We never see back shoulder throws, the hardest to throw but also impossible to defend. The only time we see it is when the other team's quarterback throws it, yeah, a pizza delivery quarterback just called up from their practice squad, but not our $300 million guaranteed quarterback.

Sorry for the long post, but it is time to get down and dirty.

History says that out of 10 quarterbacks in the draft, only 3 will turn out, and that is in a proverbial good year. Who are those players? Are they first rounders or 4th?

We need a quarterback who can help these receivers be their best. What, you think 20 years of not finding good receivers is just bad luck? Bad coaching every year even with the turnover in position coaches? I say no, who have been the quarterbacks?

Get someone who has shown they can make all of the throws. It is not often a quarterback comes to the NFL, then learns how to make those throws consistently, Josh Allen's are rare. You either are accurate or you never will be, you either have the brain to read defenses, or you don't.

So far, Lamar has not shown that he can, nor that despite working with a qb guru, his accuracy is improving. /rant

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21 hours ago, vmax said:

I'll look for it. 

Bowser needs to be pissed at his side of the ball for the ton of 4th quarter meltdowns. 

No way Roman is back next year. Everybody knows that.

Interesting, the media has not mentioned it, nor the team, yet. I wonder if they sweep this under the rug, let it die sow

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