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2008 Ravens MVP

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I was listening to Viviano's show this morning and they were having callers pick the Ravens MVP this year. I started thinking and it became a tough call for me to make....especially just to pick one player!


So...let's do this...:)....


First: List who is your Ravens MVP pick for offense, then defense and finally, special teams.


Now comes the hard part...name your overall 2008 Ravens Most Valuable Player. That would be the one player who made the most difference in tilting the scales for the success this team has had this year.





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34 and losing his hair but he has not lost a step and is the emotional and defensive leader of this team. A team that thrives and survives on defense, therefore good ol' 52 is once again the team MVP. Although he might say the big man in front of him or the playmaker behind deserve it just as much as him.


A case can be made for mason over flacco for offensive MVP, but i think playing through injury makes everything he does that much more impressive and in terms of overall production Flacco has been they key to our offensive success.


Remember how nasty Kyle Richardson was during our superbowl run?


Also i think if coaches were included in discussion with players my MVPs would look like this. Most valuable person instead of Most valuable player









I love raven football.

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Guest BallTMore
34 and losing his hair


Noticed that too during the Dallas game. :lol: Ray could probaby pull off a shaved head though, if he needed too.



Koch is clearly the ST MVP. He should have went to Hawaii.


I have to give Mason the offensive MVP. Whenever there is a big play needed, Mason is there to make it. The ball sticks to him. He's the best WR the Ravens have ever had, in my opinion.


Defense is tough to pick, but I'm going to have to go with Ray-Ray. It's been said before, he makes everyone around him better. The man is simply amazing.


Overall MVP: I would give the coaching staff the MVP. They're not perfect, but Harbaugh, Cam, and Rex have done a very good job this season.



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Here's my picks.

First...I agree with rm52 who says,

I like this team a lot. It has some big names on it but there is not one player that stucks out looking like a Hollywood star. This is a team.

When I think of the offense I ask myself 'Who made the big difference?' For me it's Cam Cameron who squeezed the most out of this motley crew. Yet the question is about players and on offense the O line made the difference. They protected Joe, created running lanes for a sub par McGahee, an out of shape 2nd year fullback turned tailback, and an undersized rookie with the heart of a lion who's legs were run off in training camp because the other two backs couldn't make it onto the field.

They excelled. They have the leagues #2 rushing attack and without that, Flacco's rookie season...well it could have been horrible. Cam knew this and never abandonded the run even though for the most part it was 2 yards and a cloud of dust. It kept the defense's honest.

But...:)...I need to name 1 guy on offense...so I name Joe Cool. Do you think the Ravens would be sitting at 10-6, on the cusp of making the playoffs with Boller under center? With Smith??? With the murderous swchedule the Ravens had this year?

No way.

6-10 maybe.

Joe stayed cool, played within the gameplan, moved the chains and put points on the board. This team is a respectable 13th in scoring. Sure the running game is a big part of that, but Joe was the spark time and time again.

He caught passes, ran for TD's, improved and grew weekly, but most of all...he stayed cool...unFlaccable...:) This inspired and rallyed his offensive team mates who believed 'We can win with this guy'. It rallyed the O line...gave them pride...so much that they played through the injuries at a high level.

On offense...because I have to pick one guy...Joe was the key addition.


Koch definately gets the ST award.


On defense..it's Ray all the way. In fact I'll name him my team MVP right now too. With a new regime comming in, Ray unified the team because 'he bought in' from the gate. He pulled everybody together to believe in what the new staff was laying before them to do. Then he went out onto the field and led by example.

Sure...we know the D line makes him dominant...just like the O line did for Joe, LeRon and co. Yet Ray is the heart and soul of what 'Ravens Football" is and this is exactly the mentality that Harbaugh wanted to create to have success. He promised tough, physical, 60 minute football.

Ray embodies that...it is this teams identity.

When I saw Gaither playing with one arm...I knew Ray had something to do with that even if it was only inspiration. Anderson comming back last week. Ed Reed playing with a life altering condition. Let's not forget Derrick Mason...how inspiring...the will to never quit until carted off the field. The source of that is heart and desire and that goes back to Ray.

Harbaugh got his "tough mighty men'...his 'Ravens'.

A Team...like rm52 points out.


No 'quit' in these dogs.

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Oh, and let's not also forget how different the season would be with some of our injured starters. Buddy Lee would have torn up the Steelers. He would have torn up the Titans... If we win two of those three games, we're sitting very, very pretty.

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My Ravens MVP is O.J. Brigance. The guy has been an inspiration for the whole team this season and is just an amazing role model.


On the field it goes like this,


Offense- The O-line- Once the weakest spot of the team they are now a great dominant group. Lead by Jason Brown we need to get this guys wrapped up for the next 10 years.


Defense- Ed Reed- 9 ints, nuff said.


Special Teams- Sam Koch- Just an amazing year.

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