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Ray Lewis out

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Here we go....


Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis will miss Sunday's game against the Bengals and possibly more with a toe injury, according to The Carroll County Times.


The paper reported that Lewis visited a specialist in South Florida to get another opinion after suffering a toe injury at Seattle. Lewis, a 12-time Pro Bowl selection, hasn't practiced this week.


The report didn't give a timetable for Lewis' return. There's only six weeks remaining in the regular season after this weekend's games.


Lewis is considered one of the toughest players in the NFL, starting 57 consecutive games. The last time he sat out a game was the end of the 2007 season.


The Ravens likely will replace Lewis with Dannell Ellerbe, who has started four games in his three-year NFL career.



When they say toe, I think J.O.

This could be it for him.

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Looking at glass half full here but pehaps this will be a blessing in disguise. We've witnessed the "stepping up" of Torrey Smith while Lee Evans has been on the mend. While Lee Evans is no Ray Lewis, the same principle applies: another guy steps up and grows. Maybe this is Ellerbe's chance to shine and make plays, while Ray is on the mend.



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At some point this franchise is going to have to face a future without Ray. This might gives us a preview of whats to come when he's not around anymore. Just wish it had happened when we didn't have to face the Bengals and Niners in a 4 day time span.

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Ray has lost a step already...now it will be 2 if he plays....plus the power and explosion that he looses to his game. This explains why he was getting pushed around Sunday.


This is a huge loss if Ray doesn't play. He's the QB of the defense. It's like Flacco going down.

Ed can call the plays but Ellerbe sure can't.

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Yeah. Aaron is everywhere. I hear him on national telecasts a few times a week. He is making a nice sum doing just what he is doing.


Last night I found out the Ravens are 13-7 without Ray.


Vensel says they are 14-16


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