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What Team was that?


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The Ravens didn't show up in San Diego.

When they go on the road, their luggage and uniforms arrieve but it's a different set of players in the uniforms.


Did they all go "Chris McAlister" in San Diego?

They played like it.


Flacco was having 'Blonde' moments all night, Pagano's D couldn't stop a drive.

Leaders needed to step up, nobody did.


One of the things playoff caliber and championship teams accomplish during a season is that they finds ways to win on the road.

The 2011 Ravens find ways to get embarrassed on the road.

They are not going all the way this year.

Not even deep.

They don't have what it takes despite a very talented roster.


It falls on the players because they didn't execute but there's a coaching problem here.


It definately was upset Sunday yesterday.


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That was YOURRRRRRRRR Baltimore Ravens. I knew this could be a tough game for the Ravens, but there were still some (bad) surprises.


Our secondary got exposed. Cary Williams was bad and Jimmy smith was downright awful. He really got exposed today.


Ed Reed and Ray Lewis looked old and slow period. Ray's all around game looked bad in the second half.


We want our boys to go to the SB, but even if we get there I'm terrified that a "Bad Joe" game can undo it all very easily. Colinsworth said that the Ravens believe this is his best season yet. Bullshit.


Cundiff is the biggest winner of the night since noone remembers he blew that easy kick., We have a major problem them - We can't have a kicker that is as unreliable as he's been.

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You are right. The Ravens didn't show up in San Diego. In fact, they generally just dont show up on the road. Period.


Maybe they partied (for an hour) after they clinched th wildcard and said, "Hey man, we are in the playoffs. Its all good "

They played like it.


You also right about leaders. Leaders like Ray and Ed needed to step up and didnt t. I really get tired about hearing how Ray and Ed wont allow complacency and bad attitude to enter the locker room. Yeah !


This team is lacking three big ingredients to be a serious contender : character, chemistry and sense of urgency. As our old pal, the late Sock used to say, you can never overestimate the importance of character and chemistry. This team has consistently lacked both this season.


In terms of urgency, this team played with none last night, right from the get go. What ever happened to this team's feeling that we "have to have home field advantage throughout the playoffs". If we HAD to have it, where was the effort last night. Unfortunately, you cant just turn it off and on. Its something you build on, week to week, and it becomes undeniable by season's end. This team hasnt shown it - even the previous 2 wins against Indy and the Browns. We left 20-30 points on the field in both games and simpy dismissed the lost points and lack of execution. Winning masks those problems. Those problems and lack of execution carried over and were on full display in last night's opening drive If we score the TD, maybe its a different game. Who knows ?


After both of those last 2 wins, Harbaugh should have identified and addressed these problems. They were simply satisfied with the "W" s and figured it would take care of itself. It didnt and we ran into a juggernaut and got taken out behind the woodshed.


For what its worth - In our our only SB year, that 2000 team - which is the only Ravens squad I have witnessed with a relentless, non-stop sense of urgency- had "it" - an undeniable sprit and passion with unshakable character and chemistry. I am not living in the past but merely pointing out a glaring deficiency and missing ingredient for this year's team.


Max, I agree we might possibly win a game in the playoffs but thats our ceiling. This team and coaches are built to make it to the playoffs, be satisfied with a win and go home saying "well, we made the playoffs again". Based on the body of work over the season, this team does not have the character, chemistry and sense of urgency to make it to the top, not this year.

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Come on guys, what did you expect? A Night game, on the West Coast, against a historically great December team = loss. It did not help that the refs followed league rules for prime time games and held their flags. The dismal Charger line was tackling players all night long, Gaither espcially. That is why there was no pass rush.


Rice could only get 10 carries, they were being blown out from the get go. Frankly, I thought the mix in the first half, we perfect, we had them gussing. However, Flacco had little time thanks to a Sunday night game on the west Coast and an old left tackle, an over hyped, average at best right tackle.


I just don't know how anyone could have thought the Ravens were going to mock history and win in SD, on a Sunday night in December. :bleh:


As some one said, of most concern is the kicking game; can't win games missing field goals like this..... :mask:

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I thought this quote was quite telling.


@sdutPosner: That was just fourth time in franchise history #Chargers had zero punts in a game, the first time since October 1990.


And with San Diego averaging 11.7 yards / pass play you basically end up with, on average, 1 pass play per set of downs for a new first down, the entire friggin game.


While I am not Filmstudy, and his breakdown should make for interesting reading, there is just something terribly wrong with the pass defense of the Ravens.

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Yep. After Indy and Browns games, I thought there was a sort of "artifical swagger" with this team and I did not see us winning this game. In fact, I dont know that any team was going into SD and beating them. Certainly not our team.


Hindsight is 20/20 but If we couldnt execute and consistently score TDs in the red zone against the Browns and Colts, how could we expect to do it vs a desperate team, fighting for its playoff life, on Sunday night in its house. Wasnt going to happen.

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The fact of the matter is, this team is right where they should be; in the playoffs. I think it was Dan I was talking with on facebook before the season. I said then, this was more or less a rebuilding year, in as much as younger players were going to see a lot of playing time. You can hide on or two young players, but the Ravens were going to use three or four on each side of the ball.


That means inconsistent play. It has been very valuable experience for them. The defensive line has youth, good, very good talent in McFee, Cody, Jones, (even have one stashed on IR). However, they are trying to get used to this longer season so they have to get their legs back. Thus, little pressure on a trip like that to the west coast.


The same on offense, remember, to start the season, they had two rookie receivers getting major playing time. Even their tight ends, while first year players, are hitting the wall right now. The offensive line has two old players on it, in their last year of playing. They too tire out this time of year, though Birk played well last night.


For them to have been in a position to have home field throughout was a testament to their determination this season and a clue as to how good they will be moving forward.


However, we see the holes too. Line backer, good players who just need reps- move over Ray. Secondary, one ego driven cb in Smith, very similar to C-Mac in size, speed, and talent. But like C-mac, he needs to get his head on straight. Even so, he should be above average. Web is ok, more fast than good to be honest. Ed is Ed, yes older, slower and injured. Not just his neck, but last night he hurt a shoulder, again, so it really slowed him yesterday.


Pollard is good, but he needs another safety with him. Nok and Zib are decent players, but not the answer at safety. So the team clearly has to address the secondary this off season.


The offensive line, oye. Grubbs, Yonda, then who? No left tackle and an average at best right tackle in Mr Blind side. No center after Birk. No back up for Rice, Williams is done after this year and even to finish out this year, I can see him costing the Ravens a game with a fumble or two.


Fortunately for the Ravens, in the AFC, there is no definitive elite team. They can match up with anyone in the AFC.


The Pats can't stop the run and are only so-so against the pass. Yes, even with the Ravens suspect secondary which plays very well at times, they would beat the Pats. Denver could have yesterday if they had a real quarterback. I'm a big fan of Tebow's, but if Denver had Cam Newton, they win. The Ravens can own the clock against the Pats.


We know they can beat Pit, anywhere this year and now Ben supposedly has a high ankle sprain. If true, that slows him immeasurably. The other teams are way below the Ravens, yes even the Chargers. in 10 games, the Ravens would beat them 9 out of........


They just did not belong as a number one seed, too inconsistent because of the youth and even the age in major positions. A week off would help, some, but I don't think enough.


The real issue would be the Super Bowl if they made it. Both GB and NO can really abuse the Ravens' secondary, and have strong enough lines to hold off the rush (if GB gets their starters back)........


For me, this has been a win, a great season, they answered a lot of questions- wide out, defensive line, edge rusher to go along with Suggs. even linebacker... :gorave:

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Two facts are highly evident here. The LB's are without question better when Ray is on the bench. 2nd, ed Reed is sloooooooow and is no longer a play maker. He probably should also be sat down. He was out ran on the sideline by Williams I think and that WR. they were at least 3 steps ahead of him and gaining separation. It's time for some speed.

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tsylvester...enjoyed your perspective.

This is definately a "glass half full" take on the situation....


For them to have been in a position to have home field throughout was a testament to their determination this season and a clue as to how good they will be moving forward.


Before the season began I saw all the weaknesses but I thought they could make the playoffs (not Super Bowl). Expectation met.


Home Field began to loom as a very real possibility: Expectation got higher for me.


What I overlooked and what last night doesn't account for, is the loss to a really bad Jaguar team, decent Seattle team and a Titan team where Hasselbeck had one of his best games and gave Turner and Rivers the blue print for beating the Ravens. Win 2 out of those 3 games...and they should have with the roster that they have, and the Ravens are staring at Home Field in the playoffs. Even with a loss last night


Home Field gives this semi rebuilding/reloading team a damn good chance at making it to the Super Bowl. But they blew it....in Jacksonville, Seattle and Nashville.


You never know when your going to win a Super Bowl. So this is the team we have to root for...weaknesses and all. I can care less about next years team. There's no guarantee that they will be better. I sure hope they are better than this lot.

So as a fan...and for the 2011 Ravens team...the time is now.

Last night was a big step back. It was how they lost. Not just a loss where they played well but fell short. They did not show up and were beaten bad.


The fan in me says they can still go all the way.

The realist, the objective football fan in me sees too many shortcommings for that to happen. Actually that part of me says it would take a miracle...with Flacco, Cammeron, the O line, Ray Lewis, Reed, Williams, Smith and Cundiff being like they are right now...can't overcome it.


Yea...this has been a great season for me too and it's not over. :gorave:

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I do not think we should be surprised how the team played yesterday. This was their 4th loss in 7 road games and beyond that in those four losses the team has played terribly. This is as much their identity this season as anything else. 10-4 really is a good record, but because of the teams the Ravens have beat and the teams they lost to it really tarnishes it in my opinion.

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