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  1. Thanks for the heads up. That's Ravens history now...ONLY 5 OUT OF 150 HIT THE GROUND! Joe Cool... Now...I know football is a team sport and it takes all the players and coaches to be successful. It takes a solid organization. But...if I could pick one player, that by adding him to the starting roster, who has taken this team over the top, it would be Joe Flacco. The Ravens always could run the ball and the defense has been excellent for a long time but there was never a long term solution at QB. They have that now.
  2. No HC's are successful or can be successful in Cinci because of the ownership and crappy organization. You have to have talent to get to the top and they have no clue or plan to compete with the rest of the NFL to get that talent. Marvin was in a no win situation from the start. "Billicks HC tree" includes Mike Smith (doing great in Atlanta), Lewis, Nolan, Singletary, and Del Rio. The 49er's Front Office is a joke so it's a similar situation for Nolan and Singletary.
  3. I was thinking the same thing...just a different way...it was... "I wonder how bad the Ravens will anilate the Indigenous Persons? Will they shut them out?" I think it's going to be a feeding frenzy. The Ravens will show up like they did in SB35.
  4. It was a sweet November...let's keep it rolling! The Ravens offense is now ranked 10th in the NFL in points scored.
  5. Let's grade the Bengals! "F"!!!! to negative infinity!
  6. WOW! Now I love that quote. I love the passion and focus. and..... "I love the arrogance!!!"
  7. Nice! Who's up for Poster of the Week?
  8. On the Heap TD reception...Ngata was running a fade route to the corner to the left of Heap and cleared out the passing lane...SWEET!!!!!! Everybody is a weapon.
  9. This will be a big test for Flacco. I think he's the Skins key to victory...get him to make the costly turnover because they know they are in for Hell from the Ravens D. They need a short field to win. Thus Joe's big challenge...avoid the costly turnover. Let's have a look at Mount Gaither...
  10. OK...just found this quote from Harbaugh today...
  11. The "Company" line is that Willis has some nagging injuries...which is true. Harbaugh has said that Willis is a very valuable member of the team. To Willis's credit, he hasn't publically complained about a lack of playing time. He's started no controversey...and when I saw him play, he was giving his all IMO. "Don't worry Willis...I'll Bring the Pain.
  12. You shouldn't be Force...I've been calling them that for years....with tons of posts to prove it. This isn't the first time the media is wrong or confused. RavenDomination The Indiginous Person have a very stingy defense...they don't give up points either. That's a key match up. The Ravens banged up O line and a rookie QB vs Tonto's Tom-Toms
  13. Can't help it...the Potomac Drainage Basin Indigenous Persons are comming to town. Will the Ravens D make them look ugly too???
  14. Does anybody here think Willis is in Harbaugh's/Cameron's doghouse? I'm beginning to think that way. That's a ton of money to sit on the bench.
  15. The Ravens made the Eagles look sick last week and this week...the Bengals. Conclusion...Ravens are playing really good football at this point in the season. They forced the Bengals to tie a club record with 11 punts. On 10 of their 14 possessions, the Bengals failed to get a first down.
  16. 23-20 Tampa. Jets lost 34-17
  17. Something that impresses me is that this was a trap game but Harbaugh had this team ready and focused. There was no "escaping with a win". They stood on the Bengals throat all game. Thoughts??? I'll join Ray and Ed here as I now see the Ravens making the playoffs. The D hasn't given up a TD in the last 3 games. The offense scores...period. 34-3...Hey! That's a 'real NFL score'. The Ravens are putting up NFL scores that reflect more than conservative defensive struggles. I mean...it's very nice to see a Ravens offense putting the ball in the endzone with regularty! This team has
  18. Love these highlights... http://www.nfl.com/videos?videoId=09000d5d...goryId=featured http://www.nfl.com/videos?videoId=09000d5d...goryId=featured Last week Mark gave a warning. He might be a dangerous weapon afterall. Billick and Boller couldn't get him the ball. Clayton languished...maybe he was a bust. Wrong! Joe and Cam know how to make him a valuable contributer to this Ravens offense and Mark is playing like the leathel weapon he was at Oklahoma. Todays game proved to me that he is no "one week wonder"....or a bust. Those were some serious atheltic plays he made that th
  19. The weather matched the Bengals level of performance.
  20. vmax


    Patriots look pathetic. Good for the Ravens...maybe the Pats have more losses ahead.
  21. Knowing that Fitzpatrick runs as soon as he can't locate his first read, Rex had the D chasing a chicken around the yard at Thanksgiving Days morning practice. "...and guess who caught it!"
  22. The Ravens just need to take care of their own business and not worry about anyone else. Follow Harbaughs plan...try to get better each week and the rest will take care of itself.
  23. McNabb and the Eagles destroyed the Cardnals so that was a very good team that the Ravens wrecked last Sunday.
  24. oh magot brain... Just a theory....the league is defending keeping the Lions on TV Thanksgiving Day by saying "It's Tradition". "It's Tradition" really means: "Let those morons waste a day away from family and friends so the rest of the league and fans can be with their families." The Lions packed it in today...no effort....nada...they deserve to suffer. OK...Seattle vs Mexico's Team up next....after dinner vomit special.
  25. Happy Thanksgiving Everybody! 4 Days Off!! Oh YEA!!!!!!!
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