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Stick with Hauschka what difference does it make at this point. Let him kick the ball around maybe he has the talent. This seasons gonna be a wash anyhow. The pressures off from here on out for Steve let him practice the rest of the games. Use the rest of the season grooming players on the sideline they may find a diamond in the rough. The worse our record the higher our draft choice will be.

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Better bring in another kicker, Houshka is damaged goods and will only hurt us further, Say we miraclously get in to the tourney, you want to go in with Housh?? hes flat out cost us 1 game, and the momentum changer was Sunday..


Sorry, but the misses are in the back of his mind, they will play on him. Its the buzz of the town, the fans want to crucify him, the local media wants to crucify him..When we miss th playoffs by 1 game, who you going to be pissed at?? We are all going to point to the Minny game.


You need to bring in an insurance policy.


I knew this day was coming, watch we'll pick kickers as well as we pick WR's & QB's

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What is the deal with Mike Nugent? He was a second round pick, and is still only 27. There has to be talent there. This season is not over, get the kicker that can win us games. We cannot afford to lose another game due to a missed kick.


I just looked at his stat sheet. He is a career 78% kicker and is 0-3 this season from 40-49 yards, 1-2 for 30-39 yards. Clearly he is not a better option than Hashucka and I dont think they had any intention of signing him or Cundiff (also poor career numbers). Kickers have to be able to handle the pressure so they are turning it up to see how he responds.





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Gano was 1 of 3 in preseason. Hauschka was 6 of 7.


How about Hauschkas kickoffs? Not that I think they have been something special, however what do I know;).. an improvement compared to Stover, surely.


And more important, the other teams has not really hurt us on kick return.

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I know this is a post on kickers but, with all due respect, we' ve got bigger problems than kicking. How about :


* our inability to get motivated for big games

* our need for a power running game

* our inconsistent passing attack

* our disfunctional defense (no pass rush/secondary)

* our inability to control the LOS


You could go on and on....


Like another poster said, leave Haushka alone and let him grow.

He's only lost 1 game.

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