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We are the worst team in the league right now


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Who's better than us? Evvvvvvvverybody! I look around the league and I honestly can't see a team I am confident we would beat. Home or away...doesn't matter. I think we just lost to the 2nd worst team in the league. Any team with a competent QB can beat us. If the Steelers had started Landry Jones against us instead of Vick we would be 0-6 right now.


Never thought I'd see the team this low.

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I don't see us cutting Joe even as bleak as things are right now. Still, we need to rework his deal, free up $, and pick up a beast and speedy WR from the FA market. This time, though, Ozzie cant do an impersonation of Peter Angelos and screw around and blow off the tier 1 FAs and wait for the leftovers. This team desperately needs legitimate NFL WR's to form a modern day passing program like in Cincy and Pittsburgh. Joe needs 1 more year with a legit WR/TE corps. Concurrently, we draft or bring in another legit QB (not another Schaub please) to push Joe or take over the next year.

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Not so sure Joe will restructure. He's a good, sensible guy but his agent is a--hole. I think we need to restructure or cut him. And I agree that we need to develop the next QB through the draft and a WR through free agency.


Coaching has become a problem. I don't see any fire or confidence on this team with the exception of SSS and he's leaving. "Play Like a Raven' is becoming a joke.


It may be that Harbaugh may not be the best guy to rebuild a team with. But I have no idea who his replacement might be.

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The Ravens have the 7th ranked offense in yards. 11th in points.

Been a long time since we've seen that and how enjoyable is it?????

Not sexy or entertaining at all.

Because football is a team sport and without defense you're no threat to win.

Ask the #1 QB in the league Philip Rivers.


You are what your record says you are.

I looked at the other 1-5 teams and


Jaguars....Bortles will have an All Pro day against this D

Chiefs???? Unimpressive Alex Smith will torch them.

Lions??? OMG!!!!

The 1-4 Titans??? Get Healthy day for them.


A lot depends on the coaching staff making this team better, keeping them focused and fired up and finishing strong.


There is always revenge.


At the moment....there are No Dogs in the House at 1 Winning Drive.

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So Crav, as a fellow fan, what do you suggest we do ?

Play the spoiler from here on out, starts next week against the first place Cardinals.


We got Pitt n cincy lets dash some hopes, if my team can't be in the playoffs then yours can't either.


As far as the personnel goes Webb and Smith are cut after this dismal year.then we go draft and free agency, we could of had Revis if we wanted.

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