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I'm not the only one to see this coming

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Browns get their lone win of the season.

They channel their "Inner Cleo Lemon."

Divisional games are different. All the Ravens need to do is win and they are in.

This is the Browns Super Bowl after coming real close to winning 4-5 games this year.

At home in front of the Dawg Pound.

Is this a set up?


I mean....the Ravens have a history of doing this kind of shit.

The make bad teams look good.



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Max, you read my mind. The tea leaves tell me the Browns are winning. Here's why:


The team is hung over from the Stealers game. They shot their collective wad and will come out flat as a pancake in Cleveland.


The Browns are hungry and dying for a W; its their Super Bowl. They've blown numerous close games; should have beaten Green Bay last weekend.

Practically beat the Stealers in week 1. They've been this close to getting over the hump all season. They do it Sunday.


Offensively, Gordon poses a nightmarish matchup on our secondary. He'll put up huge numbers. Crowell will have 1 -2 long runs. QB Kizer is over due for a winning performance.

Defensively, they can match up with anybody and play everyone tough.


I've seen this movie before, Browns win by a TD, maybe more.


If we thought the fans and media was screaming on Monday (after Stealers game), just wait until Sunday night/ Monday AM.

We'll all be talking draft again and 8-8 record stuff.


My two cents.....

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If they lose this week end, major changes are sure to happen.


If they squeak into the playoffs, sadly I think only a few minor changes happen and even then, it is likely the coaches choose to leave on their own.....


Completely agree. I think this has a real good chance of being a loss.

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:thumbup: :thumbup: :thumbup:


You just had the GM fired and the new guy said that the players suck. They can see the writing on the wall and need to play for their future.

True, but that could also mean they play for them selves, not the scheme and if they get down early, they may give up.


In other words, this game could go any way and betters, smart, will stay away..

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Indeed if they get into the playoffs and that is a big if, it could save John Harbaugh's job.


Likely, sadly, but with that defensive collapse, again, costing the team yet another win in Pit, combined with them not playing well against good quarterbacks and Pees admitting he screwed up in the Pit game, we could see at least him gone, hopefully.

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True, but that could also mean they play for them selves, not the scheme and if they get down early, they may give up.


In other words, this game could go any way and betters, smart, will stay away..

Preston for many yrs has talked about how players try harder after a coaching termination bc they fear for their jobs. This is in that realm. They still really do suck. The Ravens just can't bring their D game and expect the Browns to roll over for them.

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Roll over? No, I don't expect that but players start trying to make big plays to add to their resume. This leads them to stay out of the scheme, such as a defensive tackle instead of occupying an offensive guard, or tackle, they split them and try to make a play.


This leaves them out of the play and exposes a linebacker to being blocked, leading to a big run.


Or a safety trying to jump a route, not seeing the receiver on the other side doing a post route, leaving the deep end open...


I am not saying it will happen, just that this is how is mostly happens when teams fall a part.


Kiser is playing better, save for thatone bone headed play against the packer leading to the over time loss.


Gordon is looking to save his career, healthier than most players this time of year because of the time off. So yes, they could easily go off and tear this secondary apart.

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If the Ravens lose today their stadium will be empty next Saturday.




OWINGS MILLS, Md. -- It's an anniversary that the Baltimore Ravens won't be celebrating, but it's one that comes at an eerie time for them.

On Dec. 16, 2007, the Ravens fell to the 0-13 Miami Dolphins 22-16 in overtime. It's considered the most embarrassing defeat in team history. Now, 10 years and one day later, Baltimore will play another 0-13 team, the Cleveland Browns. Could the game that the Ravens would love to forget serve as a reminder not to overlook a winless team? "Maybe it’s something to put in their head," said linebacker Terrell Suggs, one of two players on the current 53-man roster who played in that 2007 game in Miami. "We’re all competitors. We expect Cleveland’s best shot. They always play us tough. It’s going to be a good game, so we’re just looking forward [to it]. We’re not taking them lightly."...http://www.espn.com/blog/baltimore-ravens/post/_/id/41599/10-year-anniversary-of-ravens-worst-loss-comes-one-day-before-browns-game


Good teams take control and win games like this. The same goes to the Colts and Bengals games.

I can handle a close game because it's a divisional game and teams know each other well.

I can't handle a loss. It would be a serious low point in Ravens history.

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Nice win. Hope they play as well the next 2 weeks the way they have the past 3.


I was glad to see them sit and rest Collins. He was getting hit pretty hard and the run blocking was more difficult against the Browns' defense. I don't need to see him get hurt when the game is in hand. Good running by Buck too.


Crazy on that play where Joe got whacked. Wish they'd take that play out of the book.

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