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Ravens VS Bengals

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We've got a snot knarker on our hands. The Bengals are better than the Chargers. Burroughs has thrown for 1540 yards for 14 TD's and 7 Int's. Chase has 27 receptions for 553 yards and 5 TD's. Burroughs has other receiving weapons in Boyd and Higgins and TE Uzomah.  

Mixon has 480 yards rushing and 3 TD's. 

The Bengals defense has 14 sacks and five interceptions and five forced fumbles. Their safeties and secondary are good.

Here's the team stats:

Team Stats

cin.png&h=100&w=100 bal.png&h=100&w=100
Points Per Game 24.7 28.3
Points Allowed Per Game 18.5 20.5
Total Yards 364.0 436.2
Yards Passing 257.8 281.0
Yards Rushing 106.2 155.2
Yards Allowed 348.2 377.0
Pass Yards Allowed 257.7 295.0
Rush Yards Allowed 90.5 82.0


As far as the statistical matchup, it is very similar to what we had last week against the Chargers, except that the Bengals can play defense.

And HC Taylor won't be fool enough to bring his team in at 9 PM on Saturday night like Staley. His team will be playing a lot faster and more inspired than the Chargers. They are hungry and they believe in themselves.
The Ravens have won their last five games against the Bengals since 2018. The 4-2 Bengals team is a far superior team to those of the past. Currently they are a top five contender for the playoffs. NATIONAL LAMPOON'S ANIMAL HOUSE Stock Photo - Alamy "Yes, that's true."
We all know that "in division games" are very hard-fought because the opponents know each other And they may not like each other. :cop:They are battling for the division title and battling to knock the other team out of contention.
The Ravens will have their hands full. So will the Bengals. Once again, something's got to give Sunday at 1 PM at the Bank. Two fast-moving trains heading towards each other on the same track.

It's a 12th man day and we will rise to the occasion.



Looks like we have a lot to discuss about this game and match up this week. Will the Bengals defense slow down the Ravens rushing attack? Will the Bengals secondary take away the deep ball and slow down the Ravens passing attack? Can they pressure Lamar?

Which Ravens defense will show up Sunday? The one that we saw against the Colts and the Chiefs or the one that we saw against Denver and the Chargers? Will Wink dial-up another masterful game plan? Will GRO continue his streak of in game adjustments attacking the whole field on what the Bengals give him? Will John have his team ready like last week? My belief is that this Ravens team and coaching staff are totally focused and dialed in. And that's a good thing.
I'll put this out last because it really means nothing, and yet it's a computer simulation so it has to be right. Right? I trust this guy more..MV5BYjcwNjc4N2QtZmUwOS00NzM1LWIzNmMtZTJiMDE1NDA4MmM1XkEyXkFqcGdeQXVyNjUxMjc1OTM@._V1_UY100_CR30,0,100,100_AL_.jpg. and the Learning Triangle, and yet, for now, let's trust science and math: The Ravens have a 68.3 winning percentage going into this game. So we can all relax. Right?:gorave:




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Here's a good read by Hensley on the potential of this becoming a serious rivalry....


Why the improved Bengals are(n't) ready to challenge the Ravens for AFC North superiority....Why the improved Bengals are(n't) ready to challenge the Ravens for AFC North superiority - Baltimore Ravens- ESPN


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1 hour ago, cravnravn said:

Jimmy Smith again??? Come on man.

He's resting. Comeonman! :D Getting old like you. :bleh:

OK...Here's stuff that pumps the Bengals up for this game.....


UNDERDOG: Bengals +6

Tall order? Sure. These Bengals, though, have matured into a watchable outfit with difference makers on both sides of the ball. Fifth overall pick Ja’Marr Chase needed a month at the new job to become a plug-and-play luminary. The hammer-dropping wideout’s 553 receiving yards through his first six games are the second-most by any rookie in the modern era. Joe Burrow — Pro Football Focus’ sixth-ranked quarterback — has tossed as many touchdowns (14) as Justin Herbert and Kyler Murray.

Lou Anarumo’s defense is allowing the fifth-fewest points league-wide and the eighth-fewest yards on the ground. Linebacker Logan Wilson has emerged as a ballhawk, while free-agent edge Trey Hendrickson (with three sacks in the past two weeks) won hearts by housing Detroit rookie left tackle Penei Sewell, the guy many hoped Cincy would draft over Chase. The Bengals took the Packers to overtime and flat-out demoralized the Lions — Detroit went scoreless for 51-plus minutes and stalled at 3.7 yards per play — but can they hang with white-hot Baltimore? Stopping Lamar Jackson is a fool’s errand, but today’s Bengals aren’t scared of a street fight.

Said Chase of the team’s desire to make life tough on the enemy: ”We have to step on people’s necks.”...Ravens News 10/21: AFCN Rivalry and more (msn.com)


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One thing that turns me on is that Lamar and the Ravens bring people in this city together. Race, creed, religion seems to disappear when I go out on Purple Friday, around town and GameDay at the Stadium. Feels like we're brothers and sisters. I like that. :gorave:

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21 hours ago, oldno82 said:

We will win but it won't be easy or pretty. The Bengals D scares me more than Burrows at this point.

Cincy is a dangerous, hungry opponent with many weapons. 

I expect an extremely competitive game with the outcome decided in the 4th quarter, maybe last drive.

My two cents ....


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6 hours ago, varaven45 said:

Cincy is a dangerous, hungry opponent with many weapons. 

I expect an extremely competitive game with the outcome decided in the 4th quarter, maybe last drive.

My two cents ....


And they're completely healthy with their first stringers where we have 17 on I.R. Tough game for sure.

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“Ravens injury report vs. Bengals



RB Latavius Murray (ankle)

WR Sammy Watkins (hamstring)



OT Alejandro Villanueva (knee)

C Bradley Bozeman (back)

CB Tavon Young (knee)

ILB Patrick Queen (thigh)”

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