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Its Official, Ray Lewis to retire

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Ray Lewis, who has played 17 seasons for the Ravens and defined the team’s defensive excellence, announced his decision to retire today, telling teammates that "this will be my last ride."

"I've ran my course. It's time for me to go create a different legacy," Lewis said during the Ravens' media availability today with several of his teammates watching. "It's a new chapter that I've already planned out."


Read more:http://www.baltimoresun.com/sports/ravens/bal-ray-lewis-retires-baltimore-ravens-20130102,0,7200934.story

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We knew this day was comming. Actually the timing is perfect.

What a priviledge to watch the Best Defensive Player Ever for 17 years. :gorave:




We have seen so many Great NFL players in Baltimore...not just very good or excellent, but GREAT.

It's going to be insane at M&T Sunday...INSANE!

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While it is time for Ray to go (and I give him credit for retiring rather than hanging on longer), I find myself a bit misty-eyed at seeing the end of #52. Never saw a defensive player with so much lateral speed. He was also extremely football smart. No doubt in my mind he was the best ever LB to play and I go back a long way.


Time now for Ed to bow out gracefully too.

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We can debate this until the cows come home. It could and should work in our favor as the team rallies around and gives Ray everything theyve got. Or, the team might get overhyped, play out of control and makes some game changing errors. No one knows but, if the team were to lose, then as Brian Billick stated earlier today on ESPN, it would be an apocolyptic ending to an era in Baltimore. I am trusting and hoping that BB is way off the mark and the team plays inspired, near flawless football.


We'll know Sunday



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Ray informed the front office of his decision to retire before this season. He's been working on a deal with ESPN this season. For those who think he'll waffle like Favre they are wrong.

He had his mind made up long ago.

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