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Lets Read Bisciotti's Mind


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All good posts. I'm hoping he's not thinking of selling. I don't think that's his style but I do know he felt really beaten down with the Ray Rice thing and talked about wondering if owning a team was worth the hassle. He's got to be feeling down now and probably more than a little at a loss as to what to do.

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Steve is probably thinking the same thing as everyone else: is Dean Pees the right guy to lead the defense? We need to start building a WR corps like the Steelers do instead of mixing old vets with undrafted FAs. How do we fix this secondary?

Blow it up, release the whole sorry lot.


Name 5 defensive starters on the patriots without looking it up. If they can find em, so can we.

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With a SB trophy as recent as 3 years ago, there's nothing wrong with the front office. SF

fell apart too after losing their SB team to FA and retirement and I read an article that even

Seatle's window is closing now. They'll go the way of GB, NY and Ravens after winning the SB.


It's the system called the salary cap allowed by the CBA. It keeps teams from staying on top

forever except for NE but they're in an easy division with the best QB and coach in the game

but they get by cheating a lot.



The front office is ranked in the top 2 of 32 teams placing the 2d most dominant team on the

field since in the last 15 years. That said, all of Ozzie's assistants have failed as GMs like Savage,

The Shack, Kokinis. DeCosta scares the shit out of me when Ozzie leaves.


He told me at a Nest 1 meeeting a week after the Oher draft after I told him he fucked up that draft

and he should have drafted Nicks that Nicks wasn't as good a althlete as Oher. I said what. Well

all Nicks did was become a great weapon for NY and being the go to guy in their first big SB victory

and getting into another one.


Ravens didnt even sign Oher when his rookie contract expired or Kruger the Beast. Yea, they got

SB rings but Ravens won in spite of them. Oher was beat by his man on JOe's mile high miricle

pass but he side stepped him and moved up in the pocket throwing a bomb to JJ for the win.


Oher allowed a sack in SB 47. Kruger was seldom used getting 2 sacks. He was pissed about

only getting a few situational snaps but Cleveland is doing the same thing yet paying him $45M

to be a siutational rusher. In his first year he did nothing there.


But DeCosta is being over paid now as much as most GMs to keep him from leaving so he gets

Ozzie's job.

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What intrigues me about bisciotti is that he has proven he will make a move based only on guys and in spite of logic or common sense. Did anyone anticipate him firing Billick when he did? If I recall it was right after he gave him a contract extension. Bisciotti' reaction to this mess is going to be super interesting. I think peas being gone is assured but outside of that I am very curious what he does with joe and harbs

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