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Anybody feel a win vs. Texas?


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The Texans are playing better football right now than the Ravens.

I'm not feeling it.


The LT Brown will be out with turf toe...that helps a lot. Now if Andre Johnson can't play because of the concussion that will really help.

You can run on that D but they are stingy on the pass.


The Ravens are doing 1 thing well...stopping the run.


The Ravens need this game or it will be their 2nd AFC loss. Not good for the playoff formula.

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I'm feeling a Ravens win less today than earlier in the week.

Plus I won't be at the game so they won't be able to pull energy from my spiritual aura.


That said...there is a lot I'm looking forward to see from this Ravens team.

Better play from the secondary.

Can they find a way to run the ball.

Improvement from the receivers and TE's in catching the ball.

Better protection from the O line and better run blocking.


If they can do that they will get the win. I don't expect that to happen this early in the season.

It will suck being 1-2 but this will be a much improved team by week 8. They just have to weather the storm up till then.

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