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Jacoby Jones hit in head with a bottle


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Jokes practically write themselves.....


The bottle was originally thrown at Dallas Clark... but went between his hands


Trawick attempted to push Jones out of the way... only resulting in more injury to Jones


Had it been Flacco throwing the bottle it might have been high to the right


Sweet Pea has an easier time hitting Ravens WR's

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There was a bunch of Ravens players there.

There was the "Love Boat"

Watch...this will get blown up to "The Love Bus".


The power of google...sweet Pea



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Glad to know he's taking his rehab seriously...McKinnie involved too...

It is 3am so rehab is not an issue. Nothing good happens at 3am though.

Per 105.7 the fan....... The NFL has fined Sweat Pea $50k for hitting a defenseless receiver.

That is very funny.

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It is 3am so rehab is not an issue. Nothing good happens at 3am though.


The last thing I want to be doing as a professional athlete, recovering from a knee sprain, is drinking at 3 am in the morning...bonehead move...

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This is picking up steam. By tomorrow there will be 587 sports wannabe writers on it big time.



On a day when Bryant McKinnie was in the news for his alleged involvement in a party-bus brawl that reportedly earned Jacoby Jones a champagne bottle to the dome, McKinnie’s former party-boat partner in crime made news for a couple entirely different reasons.

According to the Washington Post’s DC Sports Bog, former NFL defensive back Fred Smoot spent an hour on the radio on 106.7 The Fan in DC Monday morning — which turned out to be plenty of time to call RG3 a “brat” and refer to Redskins coach Mike Shanahan as “Red Lobster.”

Once he was done on the radio, Smoot then circled back on the Bryant McKinnie news and took to Reddit to clarify that he had nothing to do with that party bus fiasco:


When you’re Fred Smoot, I guess it’s better to be safe than sorry.


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