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Another Raven arrested

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Iv head of people doing this, "x" amount per post, additional if some one clicks the link. It's a pinkie trick, shame on you crav......



Oh hell no. I got the message via a text on my phone, I even posted from my phone..See you can teach an old dog a new trick...Sorry, I wouldnt check on Pinkys site if it was the last Ravens site on the planet.

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That's just great. Ray likely to be suspended for 4 games, now Talieferro, who was expected to pick up the slack. Can Pierce go 4 full games without getting hurt? No. This shit is starting to get to me.

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Look on the bright side.

He learned in the rookie symposium to call a cab if he's been drinking.

He did.

Now all he needs to learn is "Don't punch the windows out".

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Let's add to the list, eh?


It could be time for another Friday afternoon press conference in Baltimore that includes no actual conferring with the press. According to TMZ (via CBS Washington), three Ravens found themselves involuntarily removed on Saturday from a Maryland bar for being drunk. Since bars typically include people who are drunk, common sense suggests that one must be quite drunk to get kicked out. The allegedly inebriated Baltimore players were receiver Jacoby Jones, cornerback Jimmy Smith, and running back Bernard Pierce.


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